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Chilling updates on Tommy Robinson: Orders to move Robinson came from ‘the top.’ Imam reportedly notified Muslim inmates the day before the move

Those close to Tommy Robinson have released chilling updates about his recent prison transfer. According to Caolan Robertson, Robinson was moved to a Muslim majority wing in the prison after references to him being a “High Risk Prisoner” were allegedly removed from his file. It was also claimed that Muslim inmates were warned of Robinsons transfer by the prison Imam the day prior to the move.

Caolan Robertson said on Twitter:

“Tommy’s new cell consists of just a blue mat on the floor. The references in his file relating to him being a High Risk Prisoner were all removed and that is why he was placed on a wing [with] many Muslim prisoners.”

“The Imam at the new prison was telling other inmates the Tommy was arriving the day before he was transfered. The govenor and guards from both prisons had no idea of this move until the second it happened. Orders came from ‘the top’ to move him.”

“Prisoners were banging on the walls ‘all night’ and screaming his name. Death threats were echoing through the new wing. An ‘official contract’ has been put out to have him killed, within the prison. He is well but very concerned.”

Independent Member of the European Parliament, Janice  Atkinson also attempted to raise safety concerns for Robinson in Parliament, but was reportedly shouted down by Labour MEPs before having her microphone cut.


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