IKEA to Introduce Homosexual Friendly Parking Signs and Gender-Neutral Toilets

The labels include, “Family Gender Mixed,” “Family with Pram Gender Women” and “Family with Pram Gender Men.”

IKEA Australia is set for a “woke overhaul” according to reports, with the homeware mega stores planning on introducing homosexual friendly parking signs and gender-neutral toilets.

According to the Daily Telegraph, IKEA will begin labelling its family-friendly parking spaces according to gender. These labels include, “Family Gender Mixed,” “Family with Pram Gender Women” and “Family with Pram Gender Men.”

IKEA Australia’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Leader Alice Young said the changes reflect the modern Australian family.

“The new family icons will represent a more inclusive and diverse representation of what a ‘family’ looks like in Australia, and will continue to operate in the same way as our existing spaces,” Young said.

The measures, which coincide with ‘International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia,’ are part of IKEA’s Progress is Made campaign.

As part of the effort, staff members will also be encouraged to include their pronouns on their work emails and social media accounts.

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