Christensen: They’re Pushing Fake News on You

“Making me a villain is a good diversion from the horrible reality that vaccine mandates are causing Australians to lose their jobs, and that many Australian families are suffering as a result.”

Many of us have become aware over the course of the pandemic (if we didn’t know it beforehand), that the mainstream media peddles extreme bias and lies, and tries to palm off their fakery as fact. They take us all for chumps, but Australians are far too smart than to fall for that rubbish. 

This week, I was once again smeared and verballed by the fake news media who insinuated I had equated Australian COVID-19 quarantine camps with Auschwitz when I was interviewed by Alex Jones on InfoWars. 

Let me be clear: At no point did I equate quarantine camps with Auschwitz or, for that matter, anything to do with Nazi Germany. Nor did I “laugh” at Jones’ suggestion that the fencing around the quarantine camp “looks like something out of Auschwitz or something”. I groaned in dismay at the images of the ridiculous security fences running along these quarantine camps (below) which I was viewing at the time.

Media also claimed I had encouraged protests against Australia at overseas embassies which, again, was false. One Labor politician even claimed I had committed treason. In reality, I was asked by Jones what I thought of Americans who had been protesting for the rights of Australians in front of Australian embassies.

The other attack point was that I even went on Infowars and spoke to Alex Jones at all. To that charge, let me quote conservative activist Candace Owens (from a post to her Facebook page this week): “Everybody knows that you’re not allowed to talk to Alex Jones… which is exactly why I decided to speak with Alex Jones… I don’t follow rules established by authoritarian cowards.” Amen to that.

After all the fake news media and political hyperventilation about this matter over the course of the past week, I want to put forward a simple point: This is all about trying to turn people’s focus away from real problems and towards imaginary ones. Making me a villain is a good diversion from the horrible reality that vaccine mandates are causing Australians to lose their jobs, and that many Australian families are suffering as a result.

And there’s also the question of what’s worse: that a Member of Parliament sat for an interview with someone who provocatively overreached in comparing the fences of an Australian quarantine camp with that of Auschwitz, or the fact we actually have quarantine camps in our country where people who have simply had contact with someone with COVID-19, can be locked up for two weeks, against their will, with no legal recourse or appeal?

Because I know that Australians are way smarter than the chumps the fake news media takes us for, I’ll let you be the judge of that. Perhaps we should ask quarantine camp detainee Hayley Hodgson:

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