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Bill Shorten promises $20-million in taxpayer funds to his daughter’s sport: ‘I’m a netball dad’

Bill Shorten has promised a $20-million in taxpayer funded “investment” in women’s netball if Labor is elected.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2005-06, a total of 387,500 women aged 15 years and over participated in the game.

“If Labor is elected we’re going to make the biggest single ever investment in women’s netball, $20-million,” Shorten said in a video he shared on Twitter.

“I’m a netball dad. I’m really proud when I watch my girls train and when they run onto court. I want every girl to have the same chance as every boy in Australia playing team sport, it does wonders for their exercise, their self-esteem, and who knows maybe some elite athletes in the making.”

Earlier this year, Shorten pledged $30-million in taxpayer funds to help establish a new AFL club in Tasmania.

This is why we pay so much in tax, so self-seeking politicians can use our money to virtue signal and buy votes.


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