Biden’s J6 Reign Terror Demands Prison for Praying Grandma

“She didn’t yell, didn’t shout, spoke to one police officer about nothing memorable, and saw no violence or vandalism.”

Rebecca Lavrenz, dubbed the “Praying Grandma,” is trending online, and for good reason.

The 72-year-old faces one year in prison, and USD $210,000 in fines for a 10-minute walk inside the United States Capitol building on January 6.

Lavrenz’s case is currently being deliberated by a D.C. jury.

As per the U.S Spectator, the grandmother prayerfully went to the Stop the Steal: March to Save America, protest, at the request of her son.

Lavrenz entered the building in the afternoon through an open door.

Caught up in the movement of a tide of a moving crowd, Lavrenz ended up at the center of the Capitol building.

“She didn’t yell, didn’t shout, spoke to one police officer about nothing memorable, and saw no violence or vandalism.”

Lavrenz left the building approximately 10 minutes after entering it.

No one told her to leave, nor did anyone caution her about breaking the law.

Woke watch account, End Wokeness, explained that Lavrenz was denounced as an “insurrectionist” – later downgraded to rioter – via a tip given to the FBI.

The praying peaceful protestor now awaits the outcome of her trial, possible conviction, and a massive legal bill.

She told Rick Green, “Best case scenario is not guilty.”

Other options include community service, house arrest, probation, or re-education.

“No J6 defendant has been found not guilty, but I’d like to be the first.”

Like many of the Woke White House’s J6 political prisoners, Lavrenz was charged with,

  1. Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds
  2. Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds
  3. Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building
  4. Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building

Her trial entered deliberation on the 2nd of April, with no verdict as of the 4th.

Additional information provided by Lavrenz’s lawyers state that she attended a ‘prayer rally sponsored by the Women for a Great America.’

Also alleged is the presence of three plain-clothed FBI agents, along with former FBI anti-terror agent, John David Guandolo.

Guandolo filmed the J6 event, which included filming Lavrenz ‘approaching the building.’

None of the agents near Lavrenz appears to have stopped, cautioned or attempted to prevent her from entering the Capitol.

Her lawyers thus argued that heavily redacted material relating to the presence of plain-clothed FBI agents on the day suggest there’s ‘more to the story.’

Lavrenz has a right to know the context behind the information blackout, they said.

Indeed, Guandolo’s redacted FBI interview – presented as exhibit 1 – clearly shows the blackout.

The interview excerpt also reveals Guandolo stating: “The media’s [insurrection] interpretation of the events of J6, did not match what he observed.”

Important footnotes aside, Lavrenz’s defense will cost her regardless of the verdict.

Hence the praying grandma’s GiveSendGo fundraiser, which has raised over USD $92,000 of a USD $100,000 goal.

Lavrenz’s plight for prayerful protest is part of a wider punishment for J6 dissenters.

Back in January this year, actor, Siaka Massaquoi warned the Biden justice department was set to charge non-violent J6 demonstrators as violent offenders.

J6 political tourism was now considered J6 domestic terrorism.

None of this came without warning.

In June 2021, I wrote about the weaponized domestication of the war on terror.

The Biden administration’s “four pillars against Domestic terrorism” was priming the state to persecute ordinary Americans.

One month later, I warned that the war on terror was coming home, and ordinary Americans were being pushed into its firing line.        

Jump ahead a year: With permission from the Democrat president, the far-left started drawing false links between Trump and terrorism.

In September 2022 we all heard, and saw, a speech from Joe Biden touting unity, and yet insinuating that “anyone not a Democrat, was to be viewed as a domestic terrorist.

This all pointed to the conclusion that servants of Biden’s ‘four pillar’ system against DT were being groomed, to falsely prosecute Donald Trump as a terrorist.

This includes J6 demonstrators, and anyone who questions Biden’s 2020, ghost in the machine election “win.”

As I’ve noted over the years, the oppressors are masquerading as the oppressed.

This is something United States Vice President, Kamala Harris inadvertently illustrated in a recent TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) rant on X, stating, “if re-elected Trump would weaponize the Department of Justice against his enemies.”

Rebecca Lavrenz’s legal woes are a product of Biden’s weaponisation of domestic terrorism.

As such, the Woke White House’s ‘four pillars’ persecution of political opponents, should be raising alarm bells across the West.

Especially under the shadow of “misinformation, disinformation” laws, digital ids, and centralised digital banking.

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