Biden Elected on a Lie: Snopes Smashes Democrat “Trump Is a Racist” Talking Points

Those racism claims, Snopes added, “spread like wildfire, with then-presidential candidate Joe Biden making Trump’s comments on Charlottesville a cornerstone of his campaign.”

Fact-checkers have formerly cleared former President Donald Trump of accusations he cheered on white nationalists and Neo-Nazis in 2017.

Snopes — seven years too late — ruled against major Democrat talking points, declaring the claims false.

The organisation known for helping left-wing organisations by way of selective hearing, said in the piece published on Thursday that although, Trump’s “Charlottesville remarks remain controversial,” he did not call Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacists “very fine people.”

Explaining context for their review, Snopes said, accusations painting Trump as a racist had resurfaced.

“We looked into these claims, and found that while Trump did say there were very fine people on both sides, he was specifically referring to those who were there only to participate in the statue protest.”

Snopes’ finding doesn’t just smash wild keyboard warrior conjecture, it reveals that the 2020 Biden campaign profited from propagandising disinformation.

Specifically, Trump’s critics claimed he called the neo-Nazis and white supremacists at the rally “very fine people.” 

Those racism claims, Snopes added, “spread like wildfire, with then-presidential candidate Joe Biden making Trump’s comments on Charlottesville a cornerstone of his campaign.”

Up until the CCP released its pro-democracy protester suppressant, Wuhan CCP-19, momentum for Biden’s entire campaign rested on those fake racist claims.

Fuelled by 4-years of the far-left branding “Trump literally Hitler,” Biden declared the 2020 election a battle for ‘the soul of the nation.’

He repeatedly told voters, he was running for President because of those claims.

“I wasn’t going to run again,” Biden stated.

“I had no intention of running for President again.”

That was until Charlottesville. The Unite the Right rally scenes alongside Trump’s “very fine people” remarks, were, he argued, “right out of Germany in the 1920s – 1940s.”

This, Biden said, was when he decided, “I wasn’t going to be quiet anymore.”

In other words, Trump isn’t a racist, and Biden, with the help of left-wing legacy media, was largely elected on a lie.

Commenting on the decision by Snopes, to finally act, the NY Post said, “The Snopes fact check now aligns with years of arguments from Trump’s camp, who long stated, backed by transcript and video, that his comments were taken out of context.”

This was despite massive electoral year efforts pointing out the misinformation, now admittedly weaponised by Democrats to derail, and destabilise the Trump 2020 campaign:

Exhibit A) Zuby, 2019:

Exhibit B) Scott Adams, 2019:

Exhibit C) PragerU, also 2019:

As The Post-Millennial recalled, the protest in Charlottesville was organised to preserve history.

When Trump was asked about the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue, he expressed concern about the precedent.

“He said that those who were protesting the removal of the statue had a point about the preservation of history.”

Trump “questioned whether the removal of Lee’s statue would lead to the removal or desecration of statues of founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, America’s first and third presidents.”

He was proven right, because, “respectively, that precedent has,” PM recounted (see here and here).

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