YES Campaign wants to force Christian schools to hire LGBTQI teachers

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull once assured us, the Same-Sex Marriage bill would not “impose any restrictions on religious freedoms at all. Australians practice their religions with freedom, as we always have done and always will…” He then went on to say the bill itself made “no change to anti-discrimination laws.”

This was the standard rhetoric we heard during the Same-Sex Marriage survey. “What’s it got to do with you?” YES voters asked. “If you don’t agree with gay marriage, don’t have one.” The idea was that, if same-sex marriage were to become legal, it would have zero impact on those who found it objectionable.

Well, many bought the lie, including Sky News presenter, Paul Murray, who recently conceded, “I believed that the YES vote was the right case and I believed it for a long time… but Cory Bernardi and others were right. It wasn’t just a vote about marriage…” No, it wasn’t, and that fact continues to become more and more evident each week.

The YES Campaign, along with a prominent group of NSW politicians, told Philip Ruddock’s religious freedom inquiry that Christian schools should be forced to hire LGBTQI teachers, regardless of their core beliefs, values, and convictions.

According to The Age, the “Equality” Campaign want all church exemptions to anti-discrimination laws abolished. The group told the inquiry, “Our primary position is that the religious exemptions that allow discrimination against LGBTI people in employment, education and delivery of good and services and other areas should be repealed.”

One of the most frightening aspects of all of this is that we’re beginning to see a large number of people pushing for a moral standard that’s defined and enforced by government. A standard which all others, including the teaching of Jesus and Paul, must submit and conform to. In other words, you can believe what you want about Jesus and the Bible, that is, unless they call something immoral that the state has deemed moral. Now you run the risk of being sued, or worse.

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