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YES advocate says: NO voters were right. It was about more than marriage

Paul Murray from Sky News, a proponent of Same-Sex Marriage, has recently conceded, “Cory Bernardi and others were right.” During his show, Paul Murray Live, Murray stated:

I believed that the YES vote was the right case and I believed it for a long time… But Cory Bernardi and others were right. It wasn’t just about a vote about marriage. In fact, it would be about rolling back the way the system currently works for religious organisations to decide whether or not they can hire people based on their sexuality, whether they can decide to marry people based on their sexuality. Because as we speak there is a review going on to religious freedom…

The very same group who argued for YES, who told us the whole way through that it was going to be nothing other than a change of YES. The very same people, the very same organisations, are now arguing for religious protections that already exist, not new ones, not extra ones, the ones that currently exist should all be blown up.

We were all concerned, even those of us who voted YES, that there were people inside the activist parts of this movement that were going to try to basically force a church–or let’s put it this way, a Mosque–to marry two blokes, even though they don’t want to–to hire gay or lesbian people in their schools despite the fact that it is obviously against their teachings.

All of this, we were promised, was not up for grabs. But after they’ve got the victory, now it’s time to keep rolling on.

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