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WATCH: Abortion doctor pulls a gun on pro-life Christian minister

An abortion doctor in Phoenix, Arizona has been arrested after pulling a gun on a pro-life minister who was peacefully protesting outside an abortion facility.

Footage released by Apologia Studios last week showed the moment Dr Ronald Yunis exited the Acacia Women’s Centre and pointed his weapon at Elvis Kesto, a pro-life minister who was demonstrating in the area.

Despite viewing the video evidence, the police who were called to the scene initially refused to make an arrest. Apologia Studios later uploaded the footage to social media and urged members of the public to contact Phoenix Police and demand Dr Yunis’ arrest.

Jeff Durbin of Apologia Studios told Fox 10 Phoenix that if the roles were reversed, and the Christian protesters had pointed a weapon at the abortion doctor, they’d all be in handcuffs in a matter of hours.

Durbin went on to say, Dr Yunis had no justification for pulling a weapon as he’s familiar with the group who have only ever acted peacefully.

“This particular abortionist knows our team that’s out here,” Durbin said.” We’re here on a regular basis. He’s interacted with us before. He knows that we’re peaceful people, we’re not violent people. There was nothing in our hands other than information tracts to support the women and fathers going in. We are peaceful Christian people.

“There are pastors out here on the sidewalk. He’d have absolutely no basis, whatsoever, under any circumstance to think we were violent in any way towards him,” he added.

About 4-hours after Apologia Studios released the video, the Phoenix Police Department confirmed Dr Yunis was arrested on charges of aggravated assault.

In a statement released on their Facebook page, Police said they had received many inquiries regarding the incident and took Dr Yunis into custody after their investigation determined there was sufficient probable cause to make an arrest.

In a follow-up post by Apologia Studios, Jeff Durbin thanked those who kept the police accountable and pressured them to take action.

“Nothing was happening of any significance to get this man arrested,” Durbin said. “We had to push and beg and plead for the Phoenix Police to start taking action on this and in the end, it wasn’t even our pushing and begging and pleading. We did that out here, face to face.

“It was you, you shared the content. You called the Phoenix Police Department and you demanded action. And within 4-hours we have this man booked on charges in a Maricopa County jail.”


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