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MP throws abortion “party” to celebrate the one year anniversary of the decriminalisation of abortion

The Deputy Premier of Queensland is hosting an abortion party to celebrate the state’s one year anniversary of the decriminalisation of abortion.

Labor MP Jackie Trad invited her Facebook followers to “come party” and “celebrate” 12 months since it was made legal for mothers to kill their unborn babies up to 22 weeks and beyond that point with the approval of two abortion doctors.

The Abortion Law Reform last year also established safe zones around abortion clinics, preventing pro-lifers and side-walk counsellors from reaching out to women seeking to abort their babies.

Trad created an official Facebook event for the occasion, saying: “Come party with Jackie Trad and activist/writer Van Badham to celebrate 12 months since the decriminalisation of abortion!”

Screenshot of the Facebook event.

Pro-aborts often lie when they talk about the tragedy of abortion, as though they consider it a necessary evil. “Keep it safe, legal, and rare,” they say. But is that really what they want? They don’t see it as an evil at all. They see it as something to celebrate, something to throw a party about.

But how morally bankrupt does an individual have to be to celebrate the legalised killing of unborn babies? And how morally bankrupt does a society have to be to elect leaders who will throw parties in celebration of the killing of society’s most vulnerable human beings?

As Proverbs 8:36 says: “All those who hate me love death.”

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