Woke Shift That Cancelled Carano Costing Disney $138 Billion

“Disney adopting wokeness for an economic model is a perilous business move.”

Damage from Disney’s deal with Wokeshevism continues to reveal just how far downhill appeasing far-left activists is taking the company.

Explosive data published by Yankees part-owner, Patrick Bet-David, on his recent Valuetainment podcast, put Disney’s losses at USD $138 billion.

The company’s value peaked in 2021 at a value of $341 billion.

Disney’s value now, he said, was $203 billion.

It’s a massive downgrade.

To add further punch to the point: Disney’s stock on March 8, 2021, was 201.91.

As of February 28, 2024, that price was 110.80:

Source: Macrotrends

Patrick told guest, former Mandalorian actress, Gina Carano, the slide downhill for Disney began the day she was cancelled.

The losses are self-inflicted.

Disney’s shift from wholesome entertainment to Woke indoctrination is killing off demand.

Those losses, Patrick asserted, are ‘a byproduct of Disney forgetting who their #1 customers are: PARENTS.’

Patrick’s roundtable fact session with Gina Carano digs deep into the unlawful dismissal lawsuit X owner, Elon Musk has filed against Lucasfilm and Disney on her behalf.

The 33-minute clip offers an intimate insight into how much Carano’s courage cost her.

Addressing the allegations that got her fired, she said, “I challenge you to go through my Twitter feed, that’s not who I am.”

Carano was poised to have her own Star Wars: Mandalorian spinoff, Rangers of the New Republic.

The pilot script was ready to go, and Disney had green-lit the show.

There was a lot of promise. Enough to skyrocket her career.

Unlike so many of her colleagues who submit to Cultural Marxist struggle sessions, Carano refused to cave in.

She chose the wilderness, instead of wealth.

“You have,” Carano added, “in Disney plethora of actors, people being convicted of something “bad,” and then they go on an apology tour.

“I’ve felt like I’ve been in the desert for the past couple of years. That hasn’t felt good.”

What makes this easier, Carano said, was knowing that “I’m honest and I’m clear.”

Although part of the cost in the fight against cancel culture has affected her physical and mental health, public support has helped.

Lots of people saw what was happening and said, “This is an innocent person you’re going above and beyond to destroy.”

“I think,” Carano added, “this is why my case has had such an impact. Because it was so obvious; so in your face.

“It’s been hard, but that’s okay. It’s okay to go through the desert.”

The lawsuit is another “incredible opportunity” in a line of opportunities, she told Patrick.

Help from Daily Wire, and others took the “sting” out of being cancelled.

“It didn’t take the cancellation away. I am still very much in the desert.”

Now, Elon Musk has opened a door, she said, “I’m like, there’s real men in the world.”

“For X, and Elon to do this for me, it’s already lifted this thousand-pound beast off my chest.”

Whether she wanted it or not, Carano shared about how she “was carrying around the shame of being fired.”

The case is strong.

Her blunt opinions online were no different to the stuff being posted by her male counterparts.

Mandalorian actor, Pedro Pascal, though criticised at the time, was never fired, or defamed for comparing Trump voters to Nazis on Instagram.

The difference is Pascal was howling with the Woke wolves.

Whereas Carano’s content didn’t align with Disney’s Democrats.

She was also inadvertently combating the Woke mind virus infecting the entertainment industry.

Of significance, the cause and effect with Disney’s downgrade isn’t just them cancelling Carano.

It is also a consequence of the Goofies currently running Disney going all Donald Duck over Ron DeSantis’ parenting bill.

As I warned in March 2022, when reflecting on the LGBTrans lies that falsely fomented DeSantis’ parental rights bill into “don’t say gay” legislation:

Disney adopting wokeness for an economic model is a perilous business move.

They may live to regret its transition.

Appeasement rarely, if ever, benefits those doing the appeasing.

The data’s in, and that appears to be exactly where Disney is right now, even if they won’t admit it.

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