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Muslim leaders boycott talks on terrorism prevention, Prime Minister accuses them of “continuing down a path of denial.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hit back after Muslim leaders, including the Grand Mufti, decided to boycott a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss terrorism prevention.

The boycott comes after Morrison called on Islamic leaders to do more to stop terrorism in Australia.

In a post on Facebook, the Prime Minister said:

“Extremist radical Islam is a serious problem. We all have responsibilities to make Australia safe, and that means making sure Muslim communities do not become infiltrated with this dangerous ideology.

“That’s why I privately invited Muslim leaders to attend a meeting, in good faith, to talk honestly about what more we should be doing together to protect our communities.

“I have always respected and worked with Muslim communities, and at the same time, been honest and upfront in my dealings about the problems that need to be addressed.

“Some have chosen to publicly boycott this meeting. Continuing down a path of denial only lets their communities down. It makes their communities less safe and more vulnerable.

“I expect all leaders in Australia, whatever religion they come from, or whatever community they represent, to do everything they can to keep Australians safe.

“The meeting is going ahead with those who want to deal with this issue seriously rather than look the other way.

“And where some can genuinely not attend, I look forward to following up with them at a later time, including with key Ministers.”

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