Zuby Nails It: ‘Millions Have Replaced God With Pfizer, Safer to Criticise God Than the Shot’

The cult of Covid is nothing short of the state religion of the day.

Rapper, author, and recent guest on The Caldron Pool Show podcast has absolutely nailed the cult of Covid in a recent Twitter thread, noting that millions of people now have a greater religious zeal for Pfizer than they do God, and they’re not even aware of it.

It’s a point we’ve highlighted before. Over the past two years we’ve seen people, religious people, even ministers of the gospel, use their online platforms, and sadly, even their pulpits, to extol the excellencies of the COVID-19 vaccines and act as apologists for the current narrative.

Countless blog posts and articles have been written, essentially spiritually blackmailing their readers by convincing them that opposition to vaccine mandates is a violation of the second greatest commandment, to love your neighbour as yourself.

Those who have been critical of either the vaccines or the mandates have been, not just dismissed, but thoroughly reprimanded, or in some cases, placed under church discipline.

It’s a religious zealotry that’s now rarely seen attached to a defence of God and his glory.

Zuby writes:

Millions of people in the West have replaced God with Pfizer and they don’t even know it… It is safer to question, criticise, attack, and mock God, than the Pfizer shot. Tell me I’m wrong.

Even the Pope has more to say about people who dare question Pfizer, than people who criticise and attack Christianity. It’s mad weird. I’ve never seen any product, let alone a pharmaceutical, so aggressively defended. With such religious fervour.

There are literally people who believe you should be censored, ostracised, punished, even jailed for questioning or not taking a pharma product. They demand blasphemy laws. This type of religious extremism is usually only found in certain parts of the Middle East and Africa.

No talk of general health. No talk of supplements. No talk of treatments. No talk of natural immunity. There is only ONE path to salvation. The rest is heresy.

When people say ‘misinformation’ they are really saying ‘blasphemy’. Because they don’t care about factual correctness nor accuracy. Just orthodoxy and dogma.

The cult of Covid is nothing short of the state religion of the day.

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