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WATCH: Pro-abortion advocates chant: “Put the fetus in the bin”

LifeChoice Australia has captured a mob of pro-abortion advocates in Sydney parading their utter disdain for human life.

In a 20-second clip uploaded to social media, the crowd of pro-abort protesters can be heard chanting: “We will fight. We will win. Put the fetus in the bin.”

Once upon a time, pro-aborts used to pretend they thought abortion was ugly but at times necessary. Keep it safe, legal, and rare, they’d say.

Now they unashamedly celebrate the slaughter of the unborn, push for easier access to kill babies, and publicly #shoutyourabortion as though killing your own child is a badge of honour.

As always, when it comes to the “pro-choice” movement, the only “choice” they ever advocate for is death.

Pro-abortion advocates have been quick to dismiss the video, insisting the protesters are not calling for the “fetus” to be put in the bin, but rather the “bigots”. Only, in abortion, the very thing they’re advocating, that’s exactly where the discarded baby ends up. In the bin.

A report from 7 News Sydney confirms the pro-abortion advocates were, in fact, calling for the “fetus”, and not the “bigots”, to be put in the bin.


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