Immigration State

WATCH: Organisations are teaching migrants to lie to border police and pretend to be persecuted Christians.

Lauren Southern’s team have gone undercover and exposed the director of a major Non-Governmental Organisation in Europe which is teaching migrants to lie to border police by pretending to be persecuted Christians.

Ariel Ricker, Advocates Abroad: “I tell them that this is acting, all of this is acting. It’s all acting as though this is theatre. So, for them to get through they must act their part in the theatre and that is the refugee in trauma because these EASO officers (European Asylum Support Office) are so f-cking stupid…

“They also ask what’s your favourite holiday? So some people just say, like Christmas, but we explain you can’t just say this because this is not a sufficient answer. You have to say, and you have to say it a certain way, which is like, ‘December 25th which is Christmas, which is the birth of our Lord and Saviour.'”

The video is part of Southern’s upcoming documentary ‘Borderless’.


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