“Use Deadly Force”: Biden Green Lit FBI Raid to Go Nuclear on Trump at Mar-A-Lago

“The documents also imply Biden and his DOJ were ready to fight a Civil War.”

Damning new court documents reveal Joe Biden green lighting the ‘use of deadly force’ in the FBI’s 2022 raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

The Watergate level of embarrassment blew up in the Woke White House’s face after the documents were posted online by journalist, Julie Kelly.

The documents also imply Biden and his DOJ were ready to fight a Civil War.

Agents were told to be “prepared to engage with FPOTUS and the USSS Security Team.”

A trauma centre was established, manned by a medic, had law enforcement agents encountered resistance.

Agents were additionally instructed to harass guests at the resort by knocking on every door to determine “occupation status.”

While some have defended the “use of deadly force” as a standard operating procedure, former service insiders, are saying, the approach is not normal.

“It was not a standard op,” Dan Bongino declared.

“The MAL raid was an unprecedented action with significant potential for confusion and blue on blue issues and conflict.

“Only a dumbass would pitch the ‘it’s the standard paperwork’ line,” he added.

Former CIA ops officer, Bryan Wright, concurred, stating, “Spoke to friends still at the Bureau. Not one thought it was wise or prudent to have authorization of deadly force during the MAL raid.”

“Said one: ‘We kill someone over documents at a US President’s house? Stupid. Unnecessary. Not normal.’”‘

Trump’s response on Truth Social was conveyed on X, by Federalist boss, Mollie Hemmingway.

In his reply, Trump called Joe Biden “crooked” (an accusation turned moniker), saying, “Now we know for sure, that Joe Biden is a serious threat to democracy. He is mentally unfit to hold office.”

He then cited a post-JFK amendment to the American constitution which allows the president to be replaced with the Vice president “in the event of death, removal, resignation, or incapacitation.”

Mocking the Biden administration’s heavy-handed overreaction, Mollie later remarked, “’It is standard policy to authorize shooting our Republican political opponent when we raid his home for no good reason after running the Russia collusion hoax and other scams.’ — Biden DOJ”

Biden going Defcon 1 on Donald Trump not only shows that ‘death to America’ DC Democrats are scrapping the bottom of the barrel, they’re desperate.

If not, also a hell of lot more paranoid about losing power than even DC’s hardest critics could have discerned.

They know Joe will need a repeat of the 2020 midnight election “miracle pause,” if he’s to see out another term in office.

Given global scrutiny, if they indeed did pull a fast one in 2020, and in 2021 on January 6 – as many believe they did – it’s unlikely the Democrats could do it again.

Joe Biden’s presidency is in tatters.

Despite his “build back better” sloganeering, America is still burning, and he’s helping it burn.

The current “president” isn’t just an embarrassment to the land of the free, his mishandling of high office is a blight on the home of the brave.

Either Biden was coached, or he’s as sinister as his 2022 “anyone not a Democrat is a domestic terrorist” speech suggested.

The left has a problem with bias when it comes to far-left extremism.

That bias is as big as the double standard they apply to domestic terrorism.

This bias goes all the way up to Biden’s Department of Justice, as a 2022 report revealed.

While they’re chasing windmills with imaginary swastikas, Nazism’s just as murderous, Marxist cousin, the hammer, and sickle, runs wild and free.

The Woke White House decision to up the ante by weaponizing the FBI against Trump, was, of course, to maximise the impact of its “Trump is a domestic terrorist” theatrics. (see here and here).

Like the J6 hoax, among the list of others, Joebama wanted maximum visual impact.

So, he sent law enforcement in with the order to go nuclear on the next potential president.

The follow-up question here is: could this FBI “whack” on Trump, have turned Mar-a-Lago into another Waco?

As Trump said, This whole saga reveals that Joe Biden & the Woke White House are the actual threats to Democracy.

The real oppressors are masquerading as the oppressed.

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