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Transgender LGBTQ activist and Citizen of the Year burns down her house with pets inside ‘because she was annoyed there was no prejudice to campaign against’

An LGBTQ activist and Citizen of the Year has burned down her own house and killed her pets because she was ‘annoyed there was no prejudice to campaign against,’ according to police.

Law enforcement charged Nikki Joly, a 54-year-old transgender man from Jackson, Michigan, after she allegedly set her house on fire, killing five of her pets who were inside at the time – two German Shepherds and three cats.

The blaze was initially investigated as a ‘hate crime’, but police quickly turned their attention to Joly after they discovered she had bought $10 of gas at a local Marathon store on the morning of the fire.

Two of Joly’s co-workers told police she had been disappointed the Jackson Pride Parade, held five days prior to the blaze, had not received more attention or protests.

Joly had become “frustrated the controversy over gay rights had died down with the passage of the nondiscrimination law,” they said.

This is what happens when you live in a Godless culture that glorifies victimhood.

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