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Teen Vogue encourages young girls to become prostitutes

Teen Vogue, who this year told their young audience that abortion is safer than giving birth, and offered advice on obtaining abortions without parental consent, is now encouraging teenage girls to become prostitutes.

The online teen magazine published a defence of prostitution, suggesting sex work is just as legitimate a career choice as being a doctor.

In the piece titled, Why Sex Work Is Real Work, Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng outlandishly claimed being a sex worker is essentially no different to being a doctor with a medical degree.

“I am a doctor,” she said, “an expert in sexual health, but when you think about it, aren’t I a sex worker? And in some ways, aren’t we all?”

“I find it interesting that as a medical doctor, I exchange payment in the form of money with people to provide them with advice and treatment for sex-related problems,” Dr Mofokeng added. “Isn’t this basically sex work?”

Dr Mofokeng even went on to suggest, doctors, like sex workers, both exchange sexual services for money and a “medical degree” should not determine whether a person has the freedom to offer those services.

I do not believe it is right or just that people who exchange sexual services for money are criminalized and I am not for what I do. Is a medical degree really the right measure of who is deserving of dignity, autonomy, safety in the work place, fair trade and freedom of employment? No. This should not be so. Those who engage in sex work deserve those things, too.

Teen Vogue’s young audience were also urged to disregard morality and take up the fight to destigmatise and decriminalise prostitution because “sex work and sex workers rights are women’s rights.”

These folks are working in overdrive to sexualise our children by desensitising them to every form of sexual depravity imaginable. Note the language they use to justify the advocacy of their debauchery, “women’s rights,” “justice,” “fairness,” and “human rights”. Be prepared for the day when only the “intolerant bigots” are opposing outright pedophilia.

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