WATCH: Police Arrest Christians Singing Hymns After Allowing At Least Five BLM Rallies

Police in Moscow, Idaho have arrested and cited several Christians at a flash “Psalm Sing” event outside Moscow’s city hall.

Police in Moscow, Idaho have arrested and cited several Christians at a flash “Psalm Sing” event outside Moscow’s city hall.

The event, which was organized by Moscow’s Christ Church, took place on Wednesday afternoon and attracted around 200 people.

“We are going to be singing three hymns or psalms, then a doxology, and then out,” the Facebook event stated.

Before the event had finished, however, police were on the scene, where they cited at least five people and arrested three others.

According to Moscow Police Chief James Fry, the five individuals were cited for suspicion of being in violation of Moscow’s mask/social distancing order.

Of the five, three were arrested for allegedly resisting or obstructing an officer.

“Well, it happened,” a member of Christ Church said on Twitter. “The Moscow (Idaho) Police Department arrested my kids’ music teacher and his wife the basketball coach for singing without social distancing at a Psalm Sing protest.”

Gabriel Rench, host of the CrossPolitic podcast was also handcuffed, arrested and led away by police after he allegedly refused to identify himself to officers.

“Why did no one get arrested at Black Lives Matter?” a man filming the incident asked officers.

“At what point do you protect your people against tyranny,” Rench asked the arresting officer.

“I have the right to assemble, and you guys are arresting me,” he went on to say. “I have the constitutional right to assemble and you can’t protect my right. How can I trust you to protect me?”

Following his release, Rench appeared on CrossPolitic to discuss the incident and call out the department for allowing Black Lives Matter/Defund the Police rallies to take place weeks prior.

The city has reportedly held at least five Black Lives Matter/Defund the Police protests.


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