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Teen Vogue tells young girls, having an abortion is ‘safer than giving birth.’

Teen Vogue, a popular online magazine targeted at teenage girls, told their young readers this month, abortion procedures are safer than giving birth.

“Abortion is actually very safe,” the magazine stated in a piece titled 5 Abortion Myths and the Truth About Them. “In fact, it’s a safer procedure than getting a colonoscopy, and it’s safer than giving birth.”

The U.S. based publication also linked young readers to a study which claimed the risk of death associated with childbirth is approximately 14 times higher than that with abortions.

What the article fails to mention is that every successful abortion results in someone’s death. Abortion is the act of intentionally ending the life of a living, unique, unborn human being. To suggest that giving birth is more life-threatening than killing your unborn child is to deny the fact that abortion actually ends a human life.

According to Dr. C. Ward Kischer, emeritus professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy, specializing in Human Embryology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, this claim stands in stark opposition to the vast majority of human embryologists.

“Virtually every human embryologist and every major textbook of Human Embryology states that fertilization marks the beginning of the life of the new individual human being,” Dr. Kischer said.

“The reason why this is true is the following: … After the initial contact of spermatozoon and oocyte, there is no subsequent moment or stage which is held in arbitration or abeyance by the mother, or the embryo or fetus. Nor is a second contribution, a signal or trigger, needed from the male in order to continue and complete development to birth.”

“Human development is a continuum in which so-called stages overlap and blend one into another. Indeed, all of life is contained within a time continuum. Thus, the beginning of a new life is exacted by the beginning of fertilization, the reproductive event which is the essence of life… The continuum of human development does not cease until death, whether that may occur in utero or at 100 years of age.”

In other words, there’s simply no such thing as a “safe abortion.” Somebody always dies.

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