Surfing Branded an Extension of Colonialism: ‘Dominating’ a Wave ‘Fuels Misogyny and Homophobia’

“If the people who are already in wealthier, beachfront communities are more likely to be white, that makes it that much harder for people of color to gain their footing.”

With a serious shortage of real oppression in the West, self-identified victims are forced to either fake oppression or reach for absurd extremes.

Last week, classical music was branded ‘racist’ because it’s mostly enjoyed by white people. This week, it’s riding waves.

A San Francisco paper has suggested surfing is, not only racist, but misogynistic and homophobic because the sport largely attracts straight, white, males.

SF Weekly blamed “America’s history of systemic racism” for the lack of diversity in the surfing world, suggesting housing discrimination and access to loans determines who gets to live by the beach.

Because beachfronts are more expensive and highly sought after, poorer black families have more difficulty accessing surf spots. And when they do manage to access a beach, not seeing “people who look like you in the water can be discouraging.”

“There are an estimated 2.8 million surfers in the U.S. now. With limited waves to go around, surfers can be territorial, touting an ‘if you don’t live here don’t surf here’ attitude,” the paper said.

“While the motivations behind territorial aggression may not be directly linked to the color of surfer’ skin, it often underscores issues of privilege and access,” they added.

“If the people who are already in wealthier, beachfront communities are more likely to be white, that makes it that much harder for people of color to gain their footing.”

Kyla Langen, co-founder of San Francisco based Queer Surf told the paper, that the lineup – where surfers wait for breaking waves – “is really just an extension of colonialism.”

According to the paper: “Langen described these lineups as often having a hyper-masculine energy to catch and ‘dominate’ every wave. It’s an attitude that can — and often does — fuel misogyny and homophobia.”

Langen is quoted as saying: “It’s just such a privilege to be able to go to the ocean and be at the ocean and it’s a shame that it’s a privilege that’s often reserved for straight white folks.”

As we’ve noted before, when the woke folk brand everything racist, not only does it cause people to adopt an unhealthy mentality of perpetual victimhood, seeing oppression where there is none, but it also makes it far easier for genuine racists to fly under the radar.

By branding the Ku Klux Klan and the local surf club “racist institutions” fueled by white supremacy, the racist ideas of the KKK are grossly trivialized. And that benefits nobody, except, of course, the racists.

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