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WATCH: Chaplain to the Queen warns: ‘It’s going to end in blood.’

Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden was the Honorary Chaplain to the Queen from 2008 until his resignation in 2017. In the video below, Rev Dr Ashenden explains what’s behind the push for same-sex marriage and the gender revolution currently taking over the West. We’ve also transcribed some of Dr Ashenden’s noteworthy points.

Undoing Marriage:

The strange thing is, the effect of being just and kind and generous and protective to the small minorities is to begin to undo marriage. Then when you listened to them, they give it away… A famous Canadian author said we don’t want marriage, we don’t like marriage. We only want it because we’re setting out to destroy it…

She said the whole point of the campaign to extend marriage to the gay community is not because we want to be married, but because we want, having got marriage, to destroy it.

How do you destroy it? You destroy marriage by breaking the link between children and parents… The ungluing of society through this second wagon takes place by destroying the relationship between parents and children.


Behind the whole trans thing is this principle of getting rid of objective reality, objective standards, objective morality. What it’s basically saying is, the real truth about the world is whatever you think it is in your head.

So, what is the motivation for trying to impose on society a notion that the inside of our heads and what we want is what society ought to be? The answer is this, it’s linked to this idea of utopianism. And the idea of this utopianism is, we can build the ideal society along the lines of what we want, just by wanting it.

But to get there, you have to persuade people that they can make the world like their vision inside their head. It’s a prerequisite. And the whole trans community is being used in order to get the rest of the world to accept this.

Thought Police: 

It begins with the state saying, you need to think like this…. And the totalitarian Marxist state says, if you show any sign of not believing it and not doing what we tell you, then we’ll declare you mentally ill.

The way they punished Christians in the Soviet Union was to send them into psychiatric clinics, because according to the state, they were ill, because anyone who doesn’t believe Marxist theory is unwell.

Now we say, ‘homophobic,’ but it’s the same thing. The odd being declared psychologically ill and bad at the same time. We’re there already!

Why it matters: 

It’s going to end in blood. Because freedom of speech and freedom of thought and objective reality and finding out what’s real in the world is under threat. And down this conveyor belt are some very nasty people who are going to force us to believe what they want us to believe and who will either throw us into prison or kill us when we don’t.

Just like they did in China, and in South America, and in Russia. It’s crazy, that the Western world with its gift of freedom is just walking blindly into it because they want to be nice to groups who appear to have been disadvantaged.

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