Removed From iTunes, Apple Reinstates Trump/J6 Prison Choir Duet, Blames Intern ‘Miscommunication’

“If we were raising money for Ukraine, it would never would have happened.”

Questions are being raised after iTunes removed Justice for All from its stores, knocking the Don duet from its No.1 position.

In an exclusive for Breitbart, Epoch Times contributor, lawyer, and former Trump administration Kashyap Patel said:

“A senior Apple Music representative told him the song’s removal seems to have been miscommunication between our communications department and our music operations team.”

Released on March 3, Justice for All features Donald Trump citing the Oath of Allegiance.

The former, and future hopeful President’s recital is weaved in among J6 [political] prisoners singing the Star-Spangled Banner, and chanting “USA, USA, USA.”

Detailing the performance of the song, Forbes declared the chart-topping fundraiser for the families of J6 prisoners “impressive.”

Described as a ‘cringe collaboration’ by Trump-haters, and fake news “insurrection” pushers at Rolling Stone, the Don’s duet sold 22,500 digital downloads and has been streamed on-demand 600,000 times in 11 days.

Given the trend away from buying digital music, Forbes recalled a music industry executive – who didn’t want to be named for fear of reprisals – saying they considered the number of downloads substantial.

In his Breitbart feature Kash Patel, who was involved in the recording, quipped, “if we were raising money for Ukraine, it would never would have happened.”

“It’s no surprise that suppression of free speech and charitable endeavours has now extended to the music entertainment industry and Apple Music,” he remarked.

Apple told Patel an intern was responsible.

Speaking with Steve Bannon, he accused the U.S. government of denying January 6 prisoners’ due process.

Reasoning for the song, he explained, was helping their families.

“To exercise their freedom of speech, dozens of J6 prisoners sing the national anthem in jail every night. So, what we thought would be cool, is if we captured that on audio. Then include Donald Trump,” Patel explained.

“The most important part is that all net proceeds go to January 6 families.”

Bannon labelled the prison a Gulag.  

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