Scott Morrison’s New Book Reeks of Hypocrisy

“Scott Morrison is literally preaching the ‘God over Government’ message he refused to support when protestors gathered in Canberra in the name of freedom.”

Scott Morrison is writing a book.

Plans for Your Good: A Prime Minister’s Testimony of God’s Faithfulness, is the title.

It’ll be “less political memoir, more pastoral encouragement,” Murdoch-owned, Harper Collins Christian notes.

The former Australian PM will draw on Jeremiah 29:11.

Leaning on the major prophet’s words to Ancient Israel in exile, Morrison aims to ‘encourage others to discover how they can access, and see the many blessings of God in their own lives, no matter their circumstances.’

Targeted at the American Christian market, HCC said, Morrison’s book will “offer a unique insider’s account of a Christian who was open about his faith and operated at the top level of politics for more than a decade.”

288-pages long, and published by Christian outfit, Thomas Nelson, the sales pitch for Plans for Your Good appears to have all the right buzzwords.

We’re promised a full range of ‘fascinating insights’ into Christian leadership in dire circumstances.

More importantly, “Morrison’s honest, vulnerable and reflective answers offers a unique lens to better understand your relationship with God and the blessing that can flow from such a relationship.”

Additionally, we can expect a “high-level account’ of what it means to exist in a ‘truly post-Christian West.”

As well as how to keep the faith in a ‘new media age where cancel culture, identity politics and deep secularization is taking hold across so many western societies.’

Smiles, [no lies?] and hi-fives all round.

Or is it?

On the outset I – we – had high hopes for Mr. Morrison as a statesman.

From his speeches challenging Wokeshevism to defending Freedom of speech in Universities, the former Prime Minister showed high promise.

Many, like me, had every hope he would have been the back-boned leader, his early leadership promised he’d be.

Instead, at the helm during a “pandemic” he faltered.

He gave platitudes instead of war-time speeches.

He then discounted the actions of hardline Leftists in state governments, and let legacy media bully the Australian people.

Worse still, he abandoned his people by surrendering his Prime Ministership.

In its place, Mr. Morrison created a dictatorial national cabinet – one without checks, balances, or transparency – and let a group dominated by Labor premiers dictate the nation’s agenda.

He became the middle-man, and from this Middle-Management Morrison was born.

The former PM put tone above protecting freedom of speech.

Forced speech and censorship were the staple meal fed to a people being starved of informed consent.

The National Cabinet okayed the firing of rubber bullets at Australians marching for freedom.

They gloried in their newfound power, and celebrated Australians being arrested in their own homes.

Dividing us, Morrison oversaw the National Cabinet’s politicisation of Covid, and encouraged its rollout of therapeutic totalitarianism.

They kept Australians segregated, then demonised the “unvaccinated.”

They denied freedom of movement across borders, and kept families from celebrating with their own.

Australia became a police state, complete with denouncements, trials by popular opinion, martial law, and protestors being beaten in the streets by anti-terror squads.

All of this was done under Mr. Morrison’s watch, with the support of the current Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese.

For all the good he did, Morrison went from a Christian PM with promise to Woke Winsome Wally.

He green-lit vicious “vax or the axe” mandates, then dismissed them as a myth, and still celebrates the “high vaccine vaccination rate.”

One of the greatest lies ever imposed on the Australian people by Scott Morrison was his assertion that the Covid-19 vaccines were voluntary.

Mr. “Safe & Effective” demanded the Australian people “follow the science” and trust in daddy government over Father God.

Now, in a bizarre backflip, he’s telling Australians, “We don’t trust in governments. We don’t trust in the United Nations. As important as they are, if your put your faith in those things the way you put your faith in the Lord, you’re making a mistake.”

Scott Morrison is literally preaching the “God over Government” message he refused to support when protestors gathered in Canberra in the name of freedom.

Now, the same man who closed churches, and rubber-stamped Bunnings, Brothels, and Bottle O’s as essential services, wants us to buy into his pastoral encouragement.

That’s a hell of a lot to ask.

Especially from those whose lives and livelihoods are still reaping the consequences of the National Cabinet turning the war on the virus, into a war on the people.

As I’ve argued at length since supporting the initial 2-week lockdown on the grounds of common sense:

COVID-19 required a steady hand and scalpel, the Australian government used a bat.

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