Parental Rights Declared “Hateful Extremism” by SPLC

“It’s NOT ‘extremist’ to make sure parents have a say in their children’s education. It IS extremist to call a group of patriotic moms a ‘hate group.'”

Goerge Soros-funded extremists are coming after parents’ rights groups.

They are hard-right, anti-government bogey-men threatening the lives of the LGBTQ+ and ‘democracy!’

Or so exclaimed the far-left, Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) in its latest non-Democrats-are-domestic-terrorists dossier.

SPLC’s Year in Hate and Extremism 2022 blacklist registered parent’s rights groups alongside “right-wing” fringe organisations, because of their general disagreement with the Woke Jihadist agenda.

Clarifying terms, SPLC said, hate groups “are those who hold beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people.”

Anti-government extremists are people who “see the federal government as an enemy of the people and promote baseless conspiracy theories.”

Notably absent from the “tracking report on hate and violence” were mentions of far-left hate, and anti-government groups, such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter Inc., or Critical Race Theory’s “all white people are racist” activist organisations.

In its hate speak report on hate speech, SPLC claimed parents’ rights groups were a “guise” for far-right extremism.

“Schools, especially, have been on the receiving end of ramped-up and coordinated hard-right attacks,” they tried to argue.

Soros’ songsters then added, “These groups were, in part, spurred by the right-wing backlash to COVID-19 public safety measures in schools. But they have grown into an anti-student inclusion movement.”

Mislabelling concerned parents as science deniers, homophobes, transphobes, racists, and white supremacists, SPLC’s slanderers accused the grassroots movements of “targeting inclusive curriculum that contains discussions of race, discrimination and LGBTQ identities.”

What SPLC means is the reprehensible, poorly curated, far-left harmful tripe, such as Critical Race Theory infused “hate whitey” curriculum, and age-inappropriate, pro-LGBTQ+ content sexualising kids from K-12.

For declaring, “We do NOT CO-PARENT with the GOVERNMENT,” and for their efforts in pushing back against the Woke war on everything, SPLC singled out Moms For Liberty, designating the initiative an “extremist group.”

Alleging ties with Republicans, SPLC framed the non-partisan mum alliance as a domestic terrorist organisation, stating, “they hijack meetings, and prevent officials, and parents from conducting their normal proceedings.”

For proof, SPLC appealed to a WaPo recount from a teacher’s union official, who cried: “I can be sitting in a meeting minding my own business, and they turn around and scream at me that I am a commie and teachers want to see all kids fail.”

These ordinary mums turned “terrorists” are not new, SPLC discounted.

They were the “moral majority” in the 1980s, and today they’re masking “far-right activist” hate as “concern for children.”

SPLC then smeared the women further, inferring that the mums were anti-LGBTQ+ puppets “fuelling right-wing hysteria, in order to make the world unsafe for Black students, the LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ families.”

Responding to the SPLC, Moms For Liberty Co-founder, Tina Descovich quipped, “At this point, who isn’t on the SPLC list?

We see your game SPLC. Label us an extremist group then label anyone that associates with us an extremist too. Someone should tell SPLC, Americans are smarter than that.”

Also responding, House Republicans, led by mum of four, Lisa McClain (R-Mich), replied with an official Resolution condemning SPLC’s actions.

The House “pushed back against the extremist label,” saying “all students should feel welcome in their classroom, but radical far-left ideas inappropriate for minors should not.”

“It is not extreme or hateful” to keep children as young as six away from LGBTQ+ indoctrination.

Nor is it “extreme or hateful to believe biological men should not compete against biological women in sports.”

Additionally, the House response said, “Teaching about slavery and racism should be part of the curriculum.”

However, CRT “courses centred around the false belief that America is systemically structurally, or institutionally racist should not.”

It is not, the resolution concluded, “extreme or hateful to believe that parents, not the government, should have the final say in their children’s education.”

Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary, Bryan Griffin offered his support.

Describing the SPLC designation as “absurd,” he asserted, “We’re proud to stand with Moms For Liberty. Ron DeSantis as president will stop the agenda of sexualizing our nation’s children. If that makes us your “extremists,” we wear the title as a badge of honour.”

Other GOP 2024 candidates speaking out included Nikki Haley, who said, “It’s NOT ‘extremist’ to save women’s sports. It’s NOT ‘extremist’ to make sure parents have a say in their children’s education. It IS extremist to call a group of patriotic moms a ‘hate group.’”

Likewise, 2024 hopeful, Tim Scott backed Moms For Liberty, [rightly] putting the hate and extremist brand back onto SPLC.

Scott told The Daily Signal, SPLC was using “race as a weapon against their political opponents. Kids should be educated, not indoctrinated.”

Speaking to the ethnic mix among women who make up Moms for Liberty, Scott said, “these are mums who want their kids to learn the ABCs, not CRT.”

Of importance, in Feb. 2023, The Signal helped expose SPLC’s relationship with the FBI.

A local branch of the bureau had used SPLC as a source for its intelligence bulletin on pro-life Catholics, contradicting the poor reputation for reliability SPLC has with law enforcement.

The far-left activist group is known, wrote Tyler O’Neil, for making accusations “without ever reaching out to the organisations” they defame.

Exaggerating fake hate is the far-left way.

There was a recent example of this in Australia.

NSW Greens MP, Jennifer Leong, leapt before she looked, issuing a terror alert for the LGBTQ+ through her Instagram account on June 9.

The leftwing MP misrepresented an open-air outreach, falsely describing the event as a “dangerous gathering of Christians, who intend to harm, intimidate, and strike fear into the hearts of her community.”

Back to the United States, and Moms For Liberty’s extremist designation is no different.

The Biden administration was rebuked in late March for abusing its power when, on October 4, 2021, the Department of Justice treated concerned parents as Domestic Terrorists for exercising their parental rights.

SPLC is simply dancing to the Woke White House’s tune.

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