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Tommy Robinson’s wife threatened with acid attack, police warn her ‘not to break the law’ if attacked.

When UK police received intel that a person was planning to carry out an acid attack on Tommy Robinson’s wife, they issued the mother-of-three a letter warning her not to break the law in her efforts to ensure her own safety.

“On 1st July 2018 Bedfordshire police has received information that a person has made threats to throw acid in your face,” the letter stated.

“Based on the information Bedfordshire Police have been provided I must inform you that you may be a victim of a serious crime.

“I must advise you to take appropriate measures to ensure your safety but warn you that this does not entitle you to break the law.”

According to Robinson, Bedfordshire police personally delivered the letter detailing what to do when you’re attack with acid while he was in prison earlier this year. Three days later, police delivered the same letter to Robinson’s mother.

Ezra Levant sat down with Robinson who explained the incident: “My [prison cell] door opens at about 9 o’clock at night. ‘Where’s your wife?’ — bear in mind, the only time I’m allowed out of my of cell, they specifically made it so it’s not when I can ring my wife and children — So, where’s my wife? I said, I don’t know. They said, ‘The police are trying to find your wife.’ I said, OK why? And they said there’s intel that she’s going to be attacked with acid. And then they shut my door, basically.”