Mother’s Powerful Pro-Life Video Goes Viral: “Do You Want To See What You’ll Miss?”

“Becky said she had considered abortion at the time because she fell victim to a toxic form of feminism that had convinced her that her baby would ruin her future.”

A powerful video of a mother’s decision not to abort her son has gone viral across social media.

Mother of eight, Becky Martin, originally posted the 60-second clip on TikTok, which was last month shared across multiple social media platforms with videos reaching well over a million views.

Becky was just a teenager in high school when she fell pregnant with her now 22-year-old son. Feeling she did not want to forfeit her life or embarrass her family, she scheduled an appointment for an abortion.

The video shows life-snapshots of what Becky would have missed had she not cancelled the procedure all those years ago.

Speaking with Caldron Pool, Becky said she had considered abortion at the time because she fell victim to a toxic form of feminism that had convinced her that her baby would ruin her future.

“I was in high school, and I excelled academically with over a 4.0 GPA and a scholarship to a private college,” she said. “I was sure a child would cause me to lose all of that, preventing me from achieving my goals and destroying my dreams.

“I thought abortion would be a quick ‘fix’ to my ‘problem,’” she added.

Becky said even at that time she was well-aware of what was involved in the procedure.

“I knew that abortion kills, but my heart was cold and my mind was selfish,” she said. “My life and my plans were more important than my son’s life, so I was going to use my born privilege to end his.”

That is until her family had discovered her plans to skip school to obtain the abortion. Prior to the appointment, they held something of an intervention in hopes of convincing her otherwise. Becky begrudgingly complied with her family’s wishes and cancelled the appointment.

“It’s still one of the most awkward, uncomfortable moments of my life, but one for which I’ll be eternally grateful,” she said.

It took about ten years for Becky to become prolife. She said, time, maturity, honesty, and humility, mixed with her exposure to a more compassionate, loving prolife side (mostly through social media) that led to, what she called, a transformation.

“Slowly the scales fell from my eyes, and my heart softened.”

Becky explained: “The weight of a guilty conscience lifted, as peace and healing filled my soul. Owning my actions gave me a sense of strength and purpose. My heart caught fire, and I became a passionate defender of life.

“I realized it wasn’t just my child’s life that was saved, but also mine – saved from a lifetime of despair and regret. If I can prevent other women from experiencing that, I will.”

So transformative was this experience in Becky’s life that she’s dedicated to not only communicating a prolife message but living a prolife life.

“For us, this means sharing parenting and post-abortion resources, adopting, sponsoring, donating, educating, advocating and more,” she said.

Becky and her husband have completed four adoptions and have eight children together.

We asked Becky what message she might have for pregnant women who find themselves considering abortion. Here’s what she had to say:

Please don’t fall victim to the same lies I did. It’s easy to be misled in today’s culture. We notice the #shoutyourabortion on social media, see Instagram posts of women celebrating abortion, watch TikTok videos of women bragging about their abortions, and listen to celebrities loudly proclaiming that abortion helped them succeed. But children are not a detriment. Rather, they’re often great motivators. And there is nothing normal or empowering about abortion. There is nothing brave or strong about paying to have your son or daughter starved, dismembered, or suctioned to death.

Bravery and strength are found in parenthood and protecting your child – whether that means raising him/her or finding another family to do so.

Please don’t make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation. Circumstances change, but death is forever. You can never go back and save your child. The abortion industry doesn’t want you to hear the stories of regret. They profit off of your vulnerability. But you are strong and capable. You don’t need abortion to be successful.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. There are so many caring people in the prolife movement and numerous free resources. Everything from food, clothes, housing, energy assistance, childcare help, medical coverage, etc is available. I try to share the list of resources often on my Facebook & Tiktok accounts. These resources helped me stay in school, graduate from college, and get a job I loved. It may take grit, determination, and hard work, but you have an army of prolife people cheering you on!

You can follow Becky on TikTok at @becky.0121


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