The “largest gathering of its kind” cancelled due to poor ticket sales

Should we laugh? It’s hard not to. The 2018 Global Atheist Convention has been cancelled. The event, set to take place from 9-11 February 2018, in Melbourne Australia, was described by organisers as, “the largest gathering of its kind in the southern hemisphere.” However, a lack of interest has forced the organizers to pull the plug early. In a letter posted on Facebook, the Committee explains:

Ticket sales were well below expectation and the numbers sold for previous Conventions and it was simply not financially viable for the event to proceed.

Ironically, the event was titled, Reason to Hope. Given the fact that an atheistic worldview cannot account for either “reason” or “hope”, there is little wonder why people weren’t buying it. So, may the accidental effects of random chemical reactions be in your favour next year. Not that your worldview can account for that either.

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