“Vaccine” Vigilantes Halt Town Hall Meeting After Declaring One Nation Candidate a Potential Threat to Public Health

“Both the moderator and current sitting ‘Independent’ member abruptly declared the ‘unvaccinated’ Tripp to be a potential health threat.”

Steven Tripp, the One Nation candidate for Warringah, was held back from answering a question about vaccine mandates during a town hall meeting in Dee Why last Thursday.

A polarising interrogation by two women on a shared stage stole the One Nation candidate’s microphone time.

Tripp was in the process of answering a question about lockdowns, vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates when the “vaccinated” virtue signalling pair pounced.

Both the moderator and current sitting “Independent” member abruptly declared the “unvaccinated” Tripp, to be a potential health threat.

The political hijacking of the One Nation candidate’s air-time occurred just after he’d stated:

“One Nation is the only party represented in parliament that has introduced legislation to end vaccine mandates. That legislation was voted down by all the other parties, Liberal, Labor and the Greens. So, I just want to ask what have vaccine mandates achieved, apart from putting good people out of work?”

Interrupting Tripp, former ABC journalist, and moderator for the event, Anna Nicholson, (who proudly announced herself to be four-times juiced with a so-called COVID-19 “vaccination”), asked Tripp if he was “vaccinated.”

Tripp answered, “No, I’m not. I lost my job, and that’s why I’m here.”

Warringah’s current “Independent” MP, Zali Steggall also interjected.

Tripp told Caldron Pool, that Steggall repeatedly asked him if he’d taken a RAT test. To which he repeatedly answered, “You’re being divisive.”

Steggall can then be heard asking Tripp, “Have you confirmed you were negative before attending tonight if you’re unvaccinated?”

Without allowing Tripp time to reply properly, the smug MP retorted, “So, I’ll take that as a no then.”

Nicholson, appearing to legitimatise Steggall’s red-herring, then halted the event, while she sought “some advice from the Club on having unvaccinated people” there.

After a short time, Nicholson moved on, removing room for the One Nation candidate to complete his answer.

Not surprisingly, there is no mention of the incident on either Zali Steggall’s official Facebook page, or Twitter.

Talking with Caldron Pool, Tripp said he didn’t take Steggall’s dose of COVID political theatre personally.

The One Nation candidate for Warringah said his main concern on the night was how Steggall, an elected representative, “wasn’t representing all of her constituency.”

He confirmed with Caldron Pool that Steggall has neither reached out to clarify, apologise, or hear him out.

Tripp is for informed consent, and explicitly anti-mandate.

He described the outpouring of support, following Steggall’s stunt, as warm, inferring the widespread and ongoing feedback as confirmation that the “story of the unvaccinated has yet to be told.”

In March, Tripp shared his own experiences with Caldron Pool’s Evelyn Rae, testifying:

“[Like many others] I lost my job due to a mandate, and I was working on my dream project; it was probably the best project I’ve ever been on. Straight away these mandates came in, and for five weeks I was out of work.”

The One Nation hopeful added:

“Thankfully, I was able to find something else, but within those five weeks, I was thinking, how am I going to pay my mortgage? We’ve just had a young baby. My daughter was only a couple months old when it happened.”

Tripp, an engineer surveyor by trade, also briefly unpacked his political philosophy, explaining:

“Government [is meant to be] by representation. It’s not meant to be these career politicians and celebrities dominating the political scene. It’s just meant to be everyday people, representing their community and standing up for what they believe in.”

In his introduction during the Town Hall meet and greet, Tripp said his run for office wasn’t based on “ambition. It was based on necessity.”

“Lockdowns and mandates were the first time I ever felt threatened by government. Politicians and unelected bureaucrats shut up businesses, stopped us from seeing loved ones, locked us in our homes, and mandated vaccines that put good, hard-working people out of work,” he said.

Tripp then asserted:

“They did this without taking a single cent pay cut for themselves, all based on health advice that we are still yet to see. This action requires scrutiny. That is why One Nation is calling for a Royal Commission into the pandemic management.”

Presumably trying to avoid giving One Nation the sympathy vote, as well as avoid admitting that the “vaccinated” still transmit, and still get infected by the CCP virus, legacy media have largely avoided the incident.

Sky News was the only outlet to pick up the worst example of political polarisation seen during this election campaign.

Chris Kenny rightly described Steggell’s posturing as “extreme, anti-science, and alarmist.”

Zali Steggell’s “vaccinated” vigilantism has backfired in the best possible way for the One Nation candidate.

After Steggell’s virtue signalling stunt, the outpouring of support for Tripp reminds elitists that Tripp’s position against vicious vaccine mandates is supported by far more than the elite minority think.


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