‘Pandemic’ Policing Was Political: Fauci Admits COVID Rules Were Manufactured

“Not only did the virus appear in a U.S. election year, thus giving an advantage to The Democrat Party, the virus gave the Chinese Communist Party an excuse to end Hong Kong’s pro-Democracy uprising without using the military.”

“Pandemic” policing was policy written on a whim.

That’s the gritty gist of damning revelations released by the United States COVID Select Subcommittee made public on Friday.

The May 31 press release contained direct quotes from COVID Safe Czar, Anything Fauci, and contains 144 “I don’t recalls” throughout its 473 pages.

Fauci’s remarks were transcribed from his ’14-hour, 2-day testimony before the committee in January.’

Answering accountability questions, Fauci told the committee, he didn’t “recall” discussions about the science for social distancing, or forcing kids to wear masks.

When asked about where the rule for social distancing came from, Fauci said, “I don’t recall. It sort of just appeared.

“I was not aware of studies” supporting a “six feet rule,” he added.

 “That in fact, would be a very difficult study to do.”

When asked about masks, Fauci again said, he didn’t recall, stating, that he couldn’t remember “reviewing any studies or data supporting” the science behind forcing kids to wear masks.

Defending decisions to enforce the public health order on kids, Fauci said, there are a “lot of conflicting studies.”

Shrugging off concerns, he said, nobody knows whether mask mandates for kids are harmful or helpful.

When asked whether he supported the Trump administration’s travel ban on China, the UK, and the EU, Fauci answered, “fundamentally, I agreed at that time, since we had almost no infections that we knew of in our country, that at least a temporary restriction would be important.”

This line of questioning was abruptly cut off by the Biden administration’s legal representative, Joe Biden’s special assistant, Kevin Barstow.

On ‘no jab, no job’ mandates, there was no remorse.

Like a tone-deaf politician, Fauci appeared more concerned about optics, than adverse effects.

He told the committee he wanted the effects of vaccine mandates studied, as opposed to studying the effects of the vaccines.

“You know, after-the-game, after-the-event evaluation of things that need to be done.

“Does the mandating of vaccines [explain?] the way the country’s mental framework is right now?”

“Does that actually cause more people to not want to get vaccinated, or not?”

Fauci then defended the mandates, stating, “forget all the political stuff, and forget COVID, and go back.

“The idea of mandating vaccines for children in school was something that was easily and widely accepted.”

Now those widely accepted mandates are being questioned, he added.

Fauci then implied he wasn’t completely on board with vaccine mandates, stating,

“We need to question whether or not mandating — with all the positive aspects of controlling an outbreak, which it does — whether or not that’s something that you need to relook at. I – anyway.”

While Fauci didn’t rule out COVID being manufactured in a lab, he prefers the ‘magical’ “product of evolution,” option.

Fauci’s answers further confirm what many of us already suspected: the “pandemic” was inherently political.

Not only did the virus appear in a U.S. election year, thus giving an advantage to The Democrat Party, the virus gave the Chinese Communist Party an excuse to end Hong Kong’s pro-Democracy uprising without using the military.

COVID was more a ‘pandemic’ of political convenience than a plausible evolutionary “coincidence.”

See Rand Paul’s recent comments on the cover-up:

As the COVID select sub-committee’s findings suggest: to justify COVID overreach, unelected bureaucrats were deliberately loose with the truth.

The term “COVID expert” was about as suspect as Joe Biden’s ‘miraculous’ 2020, mid-night voter surge.

The man who said, “to criticise me, is to criticise science,” says there was no science involved in social distancing, and mask mandates, being forced onto kids.

Fauci’s answers not only validate critics of pandemic policing, they summarise the arbitrary nature of the “Fauci ouchie” COVID cult that many deny they served or deny they’re still blindly serving.

As I wrote in May 2020, there were always two sides to COVID:

The actual crisis, and the crisis manufactured by bureaucrats for the cameras.

This fact was proven, the moment “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into totalitarianism.

Fauci’s admissions, omissions, and Biden administration deletions, give even greater cause for compassion towards the victims of ‘pandemic’ policing.

Such as the 3,628 children fined in New South Wales for breaching Public Health Orders, that the current Labor Government refuses to forgive.

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