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No one should want to separate church from state

Think of the worst and most cruel act imaginable. Take a minute if you have to… Now think of a situation in which that same act might be regarded as morally good. It’s not easy. Some things aren’t justifiable. Some things are evil regardless of context. But many hesitate to admit that.

We don’t want to live our lives governed by laws and standards that we can’t define ourselves. The notion that God defines morality is often ridiculed. The proposed alternative for those “enlightened” enough to do away with Christianity is: If it feels good, do it. If it hurts anyone, don’t. Well done! You’re one proposition above the animal kingdom.

Here’s the frightening thing: If good and bad are not defined by God, then you must grant that there is always a circumstance in which every act, even the most heinous act, can be justified.

If right and wrong are defined by democratic vote, then you must concede, throwing homosexuals from rooftops is the right thing to do, provided the majority approve. In other words, you only show love toward homosexuals, if everybody else is doing it.

Those who subscribe to this ideology are neither consistent nor honest. And yet ironically, they would have us think their position the moral high ground. We should reject any position that asserts, given the right circumstances, any act of evil may be justified. Removing God from morality, law, and politics, may work in your favour today, but tomorrow, there are no guarantees.

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