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Mark Latham to move a motion protecting religious freedom and condemning Rugby Australia

Mark Latham is today expected to move a motion protecting religious freedom and condemning Rugby Australia for their treatment of Israel Folau.

The One Nation MP will also ask the NSW Parliament to condemn Rugby Australia for redefining the Bible as a form of vilification and ‘hate speech.’

The motion states:

That this House calls on the Government to:

(a) support the basic human right of New South Wales workers to express political, cultural and religious opinion in their private time, away from their place of work, without suffering employment penalties,

(b) support Article 18 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, covering the right of each citizen to have freeom of religion,

(c) condemn Rugby Australia for its denial of religious freedom to Israel Folau and the edict it has sent to other Christian rugby players that they too are not welcome in the game,

(d) condemn Rugby Australia for the way in which it has redefined the Bible as a form of vilification and ‘hate speech’, and

(e) develop leasing practices for its sporting grounds and facilities that ensure all New South Wales residents are eligible to participate in sporting codes and games, and that none are excluded due to their political, cultural or religious opinions.

During his maiden speech to the New South Wales Parliament last month, Latham said he will use his time in NSW Parliament to push for the protection of religious freedom.

“No Australian should live in fear of the words they utter,” Latham said. “No Australian should be fearful of proclaiming four of the most glorious words of our civilisation: I Am A Christian. No one should be sacked by their employer for statements of genuine belief and faith that have got nothing to do with their job.”

It will be interesting to see how government MPs will respond to the motion, and what (if any) amendments they will put forward, especially around the last three clauses. And have Labor MPs learnt any lessons from the recent federal election? Will they even allow the first two clauses to pass?

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