Ice Cube Lost 9 Million to “No Jab, No Job,” Slams COVID Mandates

“I turned down 9 million because I didn’t want to get that **** jab.”

O’Shea Jackson, Sr (stage name, Ice Cube) has slammed COVID “vaccine” mandates, saying he was denied a high-paying role in a film because he refused to be “vaccinated.”

Jackson made the comments earlier this week on Episode 194 of the Barstool Sports,  Million Dollarz Worth of Game podcast, stating: “I turned down a movie because I didn’t want to get the **** jab. I turned down 9 million because I didn’t want to get that **** jab.”

Mad-as-hell at being bullied into taking the “vax”, the “unvaccinated” former NWA, Boyz In the Hood, Ride Along, and Are we there Yet? megastar added: “**** ya’ll for trying make me get it! So, I don’t know how Hollywood feels about me right now.”

Correcting his original statement, Jackson exclaimed, actually, “I didn’t turn down 9 million. They wouldn’t give [me the role] because I wouldn’t get the [COVID] shot.”

Answering the original question about the rapper’s current projects, Jackson responded, “I got a lot of things up my sleeve.”

Notably, this wasn’t Jackson’s first stint with the MDWG crew.  

In an episode of the show last year, he was asked what the key was to his 30-year marriage to Kimberly Woodruff, to which Jackson, replied: “Respect is a big part of it. We made this pact. If we’re going to go through this life together, we’re going to have each other’s back, through the good and through the bad.”

“We’re friends. We’re going to keep people out of our business,” in order to heal the scraps and bruises, and not “knock the scab off,” he said.

“That’s the combination, because it gets rocky, but no matter what we’re going through, we’re going to go through it together.”

Ice Cube wasn’t the only American celebrity furious enough to step up and shoot down COVID “vaccine” mandates.

Star of the six-season, 1993 sitcom The Nanny, Fran Drescher – a steadfast critic – took to Twitter on November 6 in a Tik Tok video, applauding Disney for removing vaccine mandates.

Drescher, currently president of Hollywood’s biggest union, SAG-AFTRA, which represents 160,000 in the media/entertainment industry, labelled the “no jab, no job” COVID mandates, and COVID passports, “an infringement on the disabilities act, freedom of religion act, and body sovereignty.”

The actress added, “we as a nation must be very careful that fear does not turn into fascism.”

Such as, Drescher said, when, “Cards must be presented to identify whether you included, or excluded.

“We stand at a tipping point of an American I no longer recognised,” she said.

Drescher continued, “and even though, I myself am vaccinated, I must applaud Disney for taking the position not to vaccine mandate their centres any longer… Freedom above all else.”

According to the LA Times, the SAG-AFTRA president sparked internal tension, and serious debate in September after ‘calling a special meeting to discuss the mandates.’

Jackson and Drescher – by no means close to the Right – are firm Left-wing public examples of the growing momentum on both sides of politics, against therapeutic totalitarianism, and government overreach.

They join an increasing number of groups challenging reactionary COVID policy (see also here), and the obviously, well-coordinated, manipulative propaganda attached.


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