NZ Police Behind Rebel News Reporter’s Politically Motivated Travel Ban

“After accusing the pair of ‘posing as journalists,’ NZ Interpol then quote the NZ Herald verbatim, calling Fernando a ‘misinformation super spreader,’ and Yemini a ‘far-right extremist commentator.’”

Rebel News has shared an apparent internal memo from Interpol appearing to reveal political interference in Rebel News Reporter Avi Yemini and independent journalist, Rukshan Fernando’s requests to enter New Zealand.

Yemini and Fernando were attempting to visit the country to cover topics of interest, as well as cover a massive freedom rally protest timetabled for August 23.

The iconic pair were separated after Yemini’s visit was vetoed at check-in, following legacy media spin which described the pair as ‘infamous far-right misinformation spreaders.

The expat Israeli, and Sri Lankan Australian, were flagged by NZ police as criminals, and/or potential terrorists.

According to the memo released by The BFD, ‘NZ police wanted the two stopped from entering’ the country.

Interpol NZ then asked Interpol Australia for any, ‘URGENT information regarding criminal convictions or any information tending to show they are individuals of bad character, associated to criminal Groups and Individuals or Far-Right extremism groups.’

The understandably frustrated Yemini shared the apparent smoking gun in a video, charging the agency with being too distracted by political pandering, to be of any real use in the real world.

Language used in the Interpol document strongly suggests a clear link between politically motivated statements from legacy media and the police response.

The second part of the document refers to an unnamed source as: Yemini ‘is noted by commentators, and Fernando is noted as.’

After accusing the pair of ‘posing as journalists,’ NZ Interpol then quote the NZ Herald verbatim, calling Fernando a ‘misinformation super spreader,’ and Yemini a ‘far-right extremist commentator.’

Interpol also appears to have been duped by the far-left’s widespread misrepresentation of the Jewish Rebel News reporter’s oft-misunderstood tongue-in-cheek comments: “the world’s proudest Jewish Nazi.”

A pushback against the offensive dissonance of far-left activists who constantly call the Australian Jewish reporter, a “Nazi.”

Interpol’s document also contradicts claims that the Rebel News reporter was denied entry to New Zealand on “character grounds.”

Protesting Yemini’s planned August visit, the New Zealand Herald pulled out an unfortunate domestic violence charge from 2019, giving what NZ immigration has alleged cause to red flag the journalist’s travel.

The Interpol document is somewhat of an embarrassment for the New Zealand government, particularly Immigration New Zealand’s, Michael Carley, who told Crikey, Yemini was not denied entry because of politics, or the [blatant] legacy media smear campaign.

The refusal to enter NZ order, Carely told Crikey, was based on Yemini’s “criminal conviction.”

BFD’s revelations also embarrass Crikey, who insisted that Yemini was sensationalising a non-event.

The anti-conservative left-wing mouthpiece appeared to do their best to add “convicted criminal” to the Rebel reporter’s list of so-called “far-right extremist” activity.

Australian, Sky News presenter, Andrew Bolt explained why this was nonsense, describing the media enabled political interference as authorities simply “picking an excuse to deny a journalist they don’t like,” entry to the country, so he can cover “a protest they don’t want to occur.”

Democracy, does indeed, die in darkness.

The message our current authorities are sending here is that anyone in New Media who calls out a one-eyed political narrative, and questions those behind it – basically, anyone who does what journalists are supposed to be doing – will find themselves designated by Leftist lawfare as a potential domestic terrorist “posing as a journalist.”


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