The Libs Half-Hearted ‘No’ to the Voice

“The proposal comes without any evidence The Voice will help Indigenous Australians.”

In a half-hearted ‘no’ to The Voice, the Australian Liberal Party will support a legislated Voice, not a constitutional addendum.

It’s a dodgy compromise, with a silver lining.

First, the positive: This is a major win for Classical Liberalism.

Of great importance, the Libs have defeated any prospect of inserting an insidious blood and soil doctrine into Australia’s constitution.

Australians should sigh with relief that some of their elected representatives have stood against a constitutional change that would measure recognition, participation, citizenship, and privilege, by a person’s alleged ‘spiritual connection to the land,’ melanin, or their ethnicity.

This is why the Australian Jewish Association gave The Voice, a resolute “no.”

In their rebuttal, the AJA explained, “Jews well understand from bitter experience that the political creation of ethnic or racial divisions in society is not a good thing.

“The creation of unique political rights and advantages for one ethnic group will inevitably cause resentment and friction,” the response argued.

This outright “no,” the AJA said, is based on the fact Australian law does not discriminate “regarding political rights between its citizens based on race or ethnicity, and it may be viewed as retrograde to introduce such laws.”

They then concluded, we see ‘the Voice proposals as overtly racist, and will be voting “no.”

The downside of the Australian Liberal Party not giving The Voice, a resounding “no,” is a separate Woke bureaucracy will still be given a green light for legitimacy.

Legitimate historical voices, like that of the AJA’s, appear to have gone unheeded.

The party of Classical Liberalism still seems happy to adulterate themselves and bastardise individual rights and freedoms, by getting in bed with Cultural Marxist collectivism.

For example, see how the Victorian branch had more interest in the cameras, than it did due process when its leader leaped before he looked, and demonised MP Moira Deeming.

It is strangely ironic that Australia’s political elite would advocate a Voice for some Australians, and then actively work to silence the voice of others.

If AJA’s concerns about The Voice find traction anywhere, it’s in the gagging of girls who don’t won’t biological men pretending to be women, dominating women’s spaces.

Therefore, the LNP’s half-hearted “no” to a constitutional Voice for Indigenous Australians is still a “yes” to legislating Identity Politics.

From which Australians will be filtered into camps along the Woke racist Intersectional line of “oppressor, and oppressed.”

The Voice creating a coddled political class also raises questions about how advocates view Indigenous Australians.

Surely it is racist to say Indigenous Australians are incapable of helping themselves or speaking on the same level as their non-indigenous neighbours?

Additionally, the Liberal Party is rubber-stamping the creation of a tax-payer funded bureaucracy, devoid of clear goals, and an objective true North.

This is evidenced by Dutton’s 15 questions and the lack of reasoned answers.

Despite the compromise, the LNP know they’re backing a dead horse for sentimental reasons.

The proposal comes without any evidence The Voice will help Indigenous Australians.

Unless the LNP’s counter-proposal of ‘recognition, and a legislated voice’ is free from Critical Theory, such a bureaucracy is bound to do more for inner-city Blacktivists and the white-dominated far-left than Indigenous Australians.

For members of the Australian community who have at least 11 high-profile events locked into the national calendar, a separate housing department, a separate welfare program, and a ministerial role in parliament, any form of The Voice seems redundant.

Anthony Dillon, who has been a vocal critic of The Voice, noted, “We were told we need an Indigenous person as Minister for Indigenous affairs (Wyatt) in order to help Indigenous people. Then we were told we need the right sort of Indigenous person (Burney). Now we are told we need the Voice. When will it end?”

In both substance and appearance, The Voice “from the heart,” in its current form, is an activist trojan horse, designed to grant Wokeshevists, political legitimacy from which they can voice the racist falsehoods of Critical Theory on a national platform.

As commentator, Nyunggai Warren Mundine stated, “The Voice is a solution looking for a problem.”

On these grounds, the leader of the Opposition should have given The Voice, an outright, “hell, no.”

If the Liberal Party are to be true custodians of Classical Liberalism, they should take more heed of Ronald Reagan’s savvy advice: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.”

Most sane, liberty-loving, civic-minded Australians, from Bush, to Billabong, to shining sea, would no doubt agree.

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