Leftists Lecture Hungary About Right and Wrong After Christian Country Bans Promotion of LGBTQ Ideology to Children

Of course, all the usual suspects have voiced their outrage at Hungary’s “homophobic” and “transphobic” move.

Hungary passed legislation on Tuesday banning the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism to minors.

The legislation, which passed 157 votes to one, was introduced by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government six months after Parliament passed measures affirming the natural definition of the family, effectively banning same-sex couples from adopting children.

“In order to ensure… the protection of children’s rights, pornography and content that depicts sexuality for its own purposes or that promotes deviation from gender identity, gender reassignment and homosexuality shall not be made available to persons under the age of 18,” the legal text states.

Adding, “[Sexual education] should not be aimed at promoting gender segregation, gender reassignment or homosexuality.”

Of course, all the usual suspects have voiced their outrage at Hungary’s “homophobic” and “transphobic” move. The country’s director of Amnesty International, Vig David, called it a “dark day for LGBTI rights and for Hungary.”

“Like the infamous Russian ‘propaganda law’ this new legislation will further stigmatise LGBTI people and their allies,” he said. “It will expose people already facing a hostile environment to even greater discrimination.”

What’s ironic is that these sorts talk a lot about upholding and defending democracy. In fact, democracy is listed as one of Amnesty Internationals’ “core values.” Yet these groups are always the first to cry foul whenever a democratically elected government fails to adopt and legislate for whatever Amnesty International deems moral and good at the time.

Given the fact that the organisation has rejected a Christian moral framework, their ideas of “right” and “wrong” are entirely arbitrary. Morality is derived either from God or the ever-changing opinions of men. Concepts like “justice,” therefore, have no fixed basis outside of their own imagination. So, what we’re basically talking about here is an international organisation imposing a moral standard upon the world simply because it seems right to them – to hell with your culture, personal convictions, and beliefs.

Essentially, by abandoning a God-defined moral measure, they’ve reduced morality to a mere social construct. Either “justice” is something outside of ourselves which we ought to conform to, or else it’s something those with power determine and impose on the rest of us.

But one wonders how those who imagine themselves champions for the oppressed minority can go about imposing on minorities the views and standards of the powerful majority.

The question is, why should Amnesty International, and the like, undermine the moral standards of other cultures and countries? Why must those countries submit to whatever standard these activist groups deem good and moral and just?

Ultimately, by seeking to impose their morality on other cultures and countries without appealing to any moral standard above themselves, Amnesty International is essentially attempting to play God by being the very thing they claim to oppose.

They want the world to conform to “right” and “wrong”, not as the Bible defines it, and evidently, not as culture or country define it either, but as they define it. And that seems rather tyrannical for an organisation that claims to focus on “human rights”.

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