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Immigration now looks more like colonisation

In a recent interview on Paul Murray Live, Craig Kelly pointed out, that Australia’s immigration intake is now at 230,000-240,000 per year. “Over four years, that’s a million people,” Kelly said.

“That’s close to the population of the city of Adelaide which took two hundred years to develop. We’ve got that in four years. Anyone that drives around Sydney sees the congestion on our roads – the development, the units going up, and that’s just to try and get us where we are today. Where are we going to be in five-ten years time if we continue this rate of migration?”

Tony Abbott similarly told Andrew Bolt, if we lower immigration numbers, “wages will start to grow again and it will take, at least some of the pressure off housing prices… It’s basic economics. If you increase supply, you reduce price. And if you increase demand, you increase price – which is why wages are stagnate and housing prices are going up…”

In the video below, Andrew Bolt makes the case that immigration in Australia needs to be debated urgently, and without it being shouted down as “racism.”

“We now seem to be struggling to integrate immigrants the way we did when my parents came over. There are now too many of them. There are also many more ways for them to stay connected to their old homes and their old cultures.

There is satellite TV, there is cheap travel, there is the internet. Multicultural grants, and all that makes immigration now look more like colonisation, with Arabic suburbs in Sydney and Chinese ones in Melbourne, where English speakers can be hard to find.

And there’s other signs of this stress that we’ve imported, like Islamic terrorism, with four terrorist attacks all by Muslim refugees, or ethnic crime like the Sudanese crime wave now in Melbourne, or the ethnic bikie gangs.”

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