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WATCH: Church Members Attacked by Black Lives Matter, Women and Young Children Harassed

Masked Black Lives Matter protesters have been filmed harassing women and children and violently attacking members of a church in upstate New York.

Footage uploaded to social media shows a large group of protesters crowding the entrance of Grace Baptist Church in Troy last week, berating congregants as they attempted to enter.

A video posted on the church’s Twitter page shows a mother with a baby and two young children trying to enter the building as protesters threaten to call Child Protective Services on her.

The woman and the youngsters manage to safely enter the church, as a chant breaks out, “Save those kids! Save those kids! Save those kids!”

Men from the congregation can be seen blocking a stairway leading up into the church building, as the crowd continues to press in, blowing their megaphones in the faces of church members.

Things quickly began to escalate, with the mob shoving, pushing and even throwing punches at the church members protecting their congregation and property.

The church posted and retweeted a number of videos of the incident:

The church has faced backlash for their strong supportive stance of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. During a Sunday morning service, the church reportedly held an AR-15 giveaway.

“Does the Bible defend my right to keep and bear arms?” the church website reads. “Qualified attendee will receive a NY legally modified AR-15.”

The mob were also seen filming congregants in an effort to later dox them on the internet.

During the service the pastor of the church can be seen getting down onto his knees, pleading with the angry mob who managed to infiltrate the church, begging them to turn to Jesus, “Not for Black Lives Matter, not for Greek Lives Matter, not for Jewish Lives Matter, not for All Lives Matter… but for your soul!”

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