Le Pen’s Win Threw the French Far-Left Into Free Fall

“Going after National Rally under the pretence of ‘saving France’ could very well have triggered the death of France.”

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (NR) threw the French far-left into free fall.

That’s the important takeaway from the French elections.

Instead of the major “far-right loss,” legacy media would have you think took place, NR – Rassemblement National (RN) – won big.

So big in fact, that Le Pen’s win triggered the hasty formation of the Nouveau Front Populaire (New Popular Front).

This mixes centre-left fence-sitters, socialists, and far-left extremists, together in a veritable powder keg.

As AP News summarised, the National Rally’s massive success, “galvanized parties on the left to put differences aside and join together in the new leftist alliance.”

Likewise, the NY Post explained, “The New Popular Front is a coalition comprising five left-wing political parties, ranging from moderate to extreme.”

They “banded together to avoid splitting their vote and tilting the race in favour of Le Pen.”

Notably, NPF only gets to govern, because French globalist, President Emmanuel Macron, merged the support of his own majority with the fledgling reactionary group.

According to Breitbart, “Macron’s faction reportedly made deals in some 200 constituencies with the far-left to undermine Le Pen’s ability to gain a majority.”

Macron called an early election hoping to secure a better majority, and sure up his tenure – which would have ended in 2027.

This gamble, AP News said, “appears to have backfired.”

France now faces a hung parliament, with the extremist left, New Popular Front already demanding that Macron crown them king.

His fearmongering about Le Pen, “civil war,” and “far-right extremism” has thrown France into the arms of Communists.

You have to laugh at the irony, and question who’s advising him.

Going after Le Pen made Macron the architect of his own demise.

Going after National Rally under the pretence of “saving France” could very well have triggered the death of France.

All while, Macron’s target, the National Rally gained seats, and their position as a freedom party only continues to rise.

To quote Peterson’s response on X, “In a panic over the rise of the ‘far right’ the idiot French just literally elected the communists.”

No wonder Le Pen isn’t shaken. If anything, the leader of the National Rally is energised by the results.

Speaking about the far-left power bloc forcing NR into third place, Le Pen said, “We are doubling our number of MPs. We are progressing against a coalition of all movements ranging from LR to France Insoumise.

 “The tide continues to rise and our victory is now only delayed.”

She’s right.

The hastily constructed NPF will fail.

Like all left-wing reactionary groups, this group is an ad-hoc party, filled with opportunists, and activists.

Watch them devour one another, as they further damage France.

To summarise:

Le Pen’s party isn’t far-right.

Legacy media’s blatant disinformation campaign capitalises on dishonest attempts to link National Rally to French fascists – even though historically, fascism was founded by Marxists.

Mussolini, for example, was a socialist.

Macron, and “far-left” fearmongering about the “far-right,” as usual, is a politically motivated strawman.

This loose-lip labelling of NR comes from the party’s promise to keep France for the French.

They see no place for Islamisation, want a significant reduction on immigration, and are justifiably sceptical about the European Union.

Despite NR’s second-round performance, news of the party’s “crushing defeat” is greatly exaggerated.

National Rally have power, they’re just not in power.

Voters did not bar Le Pen, an ad-hoc far-left power bloc did.

Consequently, France’s political system hasn’t just been paralysed, it’s been compromised.

The upside?

Le Pen has staying power. Her party is also more politically coherent, capable, and consistent.

National Rally will be an effective opposition party if they’re able to form a majority.

The NPF mess is the result of Macron’s desperation to stay in power.

Seeking to maintain a centre-left status quo, by feeding the far-left is another gamble he may not politically survive.

Left-wing rioters were ready for war. So much so that they rioted, even though their own parties won.

As I’ve shown, all Macron’s done is guarantee an even bigger victory for Le Pen come the next election.

That’s assuming the New Popular Front’s Communist coalition doesn’t destroy themselves, and the country first.

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