“I’m Offended”: Country Music’s, John Rich, Isn’t Backing Down From Dissent

“I’d NEVER play a concert venue that forced fans to show their ‘papers’ for entry…”

Country music’s John Rich has doubled down on dissent, criticising perpetual outrage in his latest “no” to Woketopianism.

Debuted on Twitter as an acoustic, I’m Offended, takes square aim at the age of safetyism and “safe spaces,” which are undermining America, through the coddling of the American mind.

A fan of the adage “comedy is truth’s last line of defence,” he doesn’t hold back.

An outspoken Christian, John Rich is one of the few celebrities to unapologetically attach himself to the pro-freedom movement protesting COVIDian authoritarianism from its post-“two weeks to flatten the curve,” inception.

In March 2021, the singer wrote: “Wearing a mask after having the v@ccine is nothing but pure Theatre. Fauci is invested in our submission. He is a liar.”

Rich is also said to have clashed with GOP senator Lindsey Graham at a Trump ‘24 function in July last year.

The 49-year-old Gen Xer, rejected Graham’s praise of the C19 injections, ‘vociferously criticising’ them.

Mid-January this year, Rich won a lawsuit after a promoter sued the singer for cancelling a performance over a venue’s vaccine passport policy.

On Twitter, Rich recalled, “During the lockdowns, I stated I’d NEVER play a concert venue that forced fans to show their ‘papers’ for entry concerning Covid.”

He then explained, “One venue added that rule after I agreed to play, so I cancelled it. Happy to say I never bent the knee.”

Described by The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro as ‘one of the bravest voices in the music industry,’ Rich isn’t afraid to stare down the woke political religion.

Neither has he shied away from pulling the proverbial guns of truth out on the corrupt woke sheriffs of falsehood, currently occupying the White House.

John Rich is the son of a “prison preacher.”

He told Prager U: “I never remember my dad without a guitar hanging around his neck. So, he preached in little churches, or he’d preach in prisons. Or he would preach in the streets. Wherever he was at. One of his big assets was that he could pull a guitar out and start singing.”

On Wokism, Rich said:

“The wave of Wokism that that’s hit this country and especially the entertainment business has made its way to Nashville.

“Is there freedom and art in Nashville? Like total freedom? Absolutely not.

“Artists are sitting there and they’re being told by their publicists, their managers, the heads of their record labels: “hey, we know that you think these things about [woke] America. That you’re against kind of all this woke stuff, but don’t even think about putting out a post that pushes against that.”

On how cancel culture is controlling Country, Rich responded,

“Don’t you say xyz on your microphone – on your stage. No, you cannot record that song because it says this – they just completely control these artists.

“There’s no Johnny Cashes, Waylon Jennings, or those kinds of people – or Loretta Lynn’s. Well, there’s a good reason for that: none of those people would have been allowed to exist today.”

The former Lonestar bassist’s solo career was propelled along by the release of Earth to God in 2020, a ballad, Rich says was an “SOS to God,” because “only God can fix man’s problems.”

In more recent months, following the likes of anti-woke Rapper Tom McDonald, the country artist released the song Progress, protesting Biden’s Build Back Better 2020 sales pitch, and its incongruity with the Woke White House’s “burn it all down” rhetoric.


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