Christian Nationalism Rising?

What is Christian nationalism? Is it the danger that some make it out to be?

Christian Nationalism. It’s been the subject of debate recently, and not just within the church. Mainstream media outlets have repeatedly warned about its ‘threatening’ rise across Western nations.

Just last month, ‘Meet the Press’ ran a lengthy segment warning of theocracy rising in the United States. The piece featured Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, and while NBC gave Pastor Wilson an opportunity to speak, the segment painted a skewered and sometimes grossly inaccurate picture of ‘Christian nationalism.’

But what is Christian nationalism? Is it the danger that some make it out to be? Are Christians being encouraged to take up arms and conquer nations under the banner of the cross? Is it the proposal that the government is restricted to clergy? Is it the suggestion that non-Christians have no place within society? Does it remove the distinction between church and state?

Of course, this is exactly what detractors would have you believe, but let’s keep in mind, these are often the same sorts that have spent the past decade howling down every political alternative as Nazism reborn. They want you to dismiss their opposition without them having to provide you with a better argument. You don’t need to debate with racists if we all agree racism is indefensible. Accuse your opponent of holding to an indefensible view, and there’s no need to hear out his defence. It’s a lazy tactic, but these are politically lazy times.

As such, confusion reigns, even within the church. Sadly, there’s no shortage of Christian leaders who, in their ignorance on the matter, have voiced their opposition to Christian nationalism, and in so doing, helped to perpetuate false ideas of what it actually means. Had they an honest definition, they’d find what they’re opposing is simply the natural outworking of the Gospel, perhaps to an extent that is more potent than they can conceive.

In short, Christian nationalism is simply the Great Commission realized. Before his ascension into heaven, Jesus commanded his followers to “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded” (Matt. 28:18-19).

Despite what opponents might say, Christian nationalism is not about revolution. It’s about regeneration. Christians share the good news of Jesus Christ. That Gospel transforms individuals. Transformed individuals transform families. Transformed families transform communities. And transformed communities, transform the nation. Terrifying, huh?

In the latest episode of The Caldron Pool Show, Evelyn Rae sat down with Pastor Douglas Wilson to look at Christian nationalism in greater detail. It’s well worth your viewing, particularly because it’s important to get our definitions correct before dismissing something as unbiblical or even dangerous, which is all too often the case.

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