Greens Mock Workers’ Rights, Vote Against Informed Consent

“The fact that The Greens can sit in that corner over there, mock, and laugh [at] the vaccine injured – these people are not anti-vaxxers, they believed what the government told them. You want to talk about trust and transparency, go to the vaccine injured and talk to them.”

An Industrial Relations amendment sponsored by a squad of Australian senators seeking to reinforce workers’ rights vis-a-vis Covid-19 vaccine mandates, has been voted down by The Greens.

To add insult to vaccine injury, The Greens, led by Senators Larissa Waters, and Sarah Hanson Young, heckled the group of seven.

The amendment specifically sought to preserve the right to informed consent, by backing an employee’s right to ‘refuse a workplace direction where it is not a reasonable and justified requirement of the job.’

Firing back at The Greens’ smug middle finger to blue-collar Australians, Senator Gerrard Rennick (LNP Qld), slammed the contempt, stating:

“The fact that The Greens can sit in that corner over there, mock, and laugh [at] the vaccine injured – these people are not anti-vaxxers, they believed what the government told them. You want to talk about trust and transparency, go to the vaccine injured and talk to them.”

This, he asserted:

“Is a public health issue. The idea that businesses in this country can be responsible for the transmission of an airborne virus is just as absurd as the billions of dollars that are getting wasted on the idea” that humans can control the climate.”

Defiant to a tee, Senator Rennick declared, ‘the next time a change to the Industrial Relations act is introduced by Labor, I will move the amendment again.’

He was joined by Alex Antic, Andrew McLachlan, United Australia Party Senator, Ralph Babet, and the National’s Matthew Canavan, in supporting One Nation’s push to end ‘vaccine discrimination in the workplace.’

Senator Matthew Canavan, proclaiming his support for the amendment, said: “A fundamental right of every Australian should be the right to earn a livelihood to support their family. With the introduction of vaccine mandates last year, we denied that right to thousands of Australians.”

Arguing for an end to the ‘unjustified’ forced participation in the CCP-19 “vaccine”, Canavan said he was never fully convinced the “vaccines” would work to stop transmission.

He added, “The evidence today, for whatever the merits of the coronavirus vaccine – they do not stop transmission. Someone else not having the vaccine is of no risk to you or anybody else on our society.”

Speaking to the unjustified continuation of “vaccine” mandates, Canavan asserted, “Most are gone, but they still exist in the resources sector. In central Queensland people are [still] being locked out of their jobs. There can be no justification now to continue these mandates.”

Likewise, Alex Antic, LNP senator for Adelaide, who noted,  “As Senator Canavan said, the science is now settled on this issue, transmission of the C@VID virus is not affected by the use of these (experimental) therapies.”

Forcing people to choose between their job, and the jab, Antic exclaimed, was “on of the biggest scandals in Australian medical history. The senate needs to support this amendment, and allow people the opportunity to return to work.”

Antic called on Australian Labor – the party of workers – to correct the wrong, recounting how, “the unions (bar the CMFEU members) bailed out on Australian workers on this issue.”

Flanked by Pauline Hanson, One Nation senator, Malcolm Roberts, spoke on the nature of the bill, calling it a “rushed dog’s breakfast,” saying, he “hoped to redeem it by including a clause that would stop companies from discriminating based on vaccination status.”

Roberts, a persistent representative for the voiceless, vaccine injured, said, “Businesses are simply ignoring the evidence against unjustified vaccine mandates. A clear message needs to be sent that unreasonable directions that infringe on workers’ rights have no place in Australian workplaces.” (FULL Transcript)

The indefatigable One Nation senator added, “This amendment leaves no doubt for employees and employers that vaccine mandates must not be in place unless there is a reasonable and justifiable need for them.”

Two of the seven, Canavan, and Antic also lit up the pro-life world with news they were re-introducing the Children Born Alive Protection Bill, with the support of UAP Senator Ralph Babet.

The Canberra Declaration’s Cody Mitchell explained, “The Bill will seek to ensure that a child who survives an attempted termination of pregnancy will be entitled to the same level of medical care and treatment as any newborn child.”

A veritable Magnificent Senator Seven (see here, here, here, and here), Canavan, Antic, McLaughlin, Roberts, Hanson, Babet, and Rennick, are shaping up to be some of the most important representatives to have ever served the Australian people in the Australian Senate.

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