We’re Back in the USSR

“Once laws prohibited the government from propagandising the public. But now all out propaganda and censorship is the norm. Of course, this is all done to save democracy. What else could it be for?”

We have been handed a load of lies for many decades now. I cannot tell which is the biggest.  I feel sometimes that we’re back in the USSR! Apologies to Paul, John and George.

For about 40 years now we have been told that man-made global warming is a problem leading to a catastrophe of biblical proportions. The lie involved rising ocean levels, which have never been realised. They told us dams and reservoirs would never fill again, but they just keep overflowing. They told us if we don’t do something like pay billions of dollars to poorer nations then the global temperatures will rise and wipe out all human life. They now say that we are entering a stage of ‘global boiling’ yet satellite data show only a very small rise in average global temperature.

The truth of the matter is that human emissions of carbon dioxide have very little effect on global temperatures. This we know from fundamental physics. The Stefan-Boltzmann equation tells us that the temperature of the planet is proportional to the one-quarter root of the thermal emission from the planet. That is extremely weak. Thus they are lying when they talk of catastrophe and tipping points.

Probably the best analogy is a ballast system. If you have an enormous mass of concrete in the bottom of your ship it is extremely difficult to tip the ship over no matter how hard you push. The temperature of the atmosphere due to thermal radiation from the planet’s surface is very insensitive to any changes. And you cannot just change the physics with some vote at the UN. Ironically the Soviet Politburo did actually vote to change some laws of physics. But the universe did not get the message and behaved the way God made it to regardless. 

We have been told that there is no difference between women and men. They can both do the same jobs and fill the same roles in society. Now they even say that men can have babies and they stock men’s bathrooms and change rooms with female products. This lie was part of the scam that sex and gender are different which is demonstrably false. That has been known to be so for thousands of years. Just ask a native tribesman. They may not be educated in the woke ways but they know basic biology.

A corollary to that lie is another lie that you can change your gender, by mutilating body parts, or even just thinking and identifying as something else. They claim some 57 different genders now, or maybe more. But it is anti-science and a delusional practice that once was called a psychiatric condition.

Another lie they tell us now is that being ‘white’ is bad. White-skinned people have special privilege, they say. The truth is there are no white-skinned people. And even if there were it still is an invented lie. The woke Left hate those who achieve financial success by creativity and hard work. They want it all for nothing, which really means taking it from the rest of us.

All humans, except for a small number of albinos, have a skin pigment called melanin. Melanin is a black pigment. We all have genes that control how much we get at conception. Some get more and some get less. So ‘black lives matter’ really applies to all humans who have melanin.

They told us a virus would kill millions in 2020 but excess deaths only started to rise after the so-called COVID vaccines were rolled out in 2021. They told us the vaccines were safe and effective, even though at most they were tested for only 2 or 3 months and had to use a manufactured emergency to get people ginned up with enough fear to take them. It turned out that even their own test data showed an absolute efficacy of less than 1 per cent. They lied to our faces saying it was 95 percent but they used relative efficacy. That was another con because very few people contracted the disease. Now we have a very high incidence of young people with myocarditis and pericarditis presenting in hospitals. That has never been seen before.

They told us the COVID vaccines stopped transmission and prevented disease but that is now known to be another lie. More lies the government told were that masks are effective. Data now show that people who wear surgical masks have a higher risk of getting sick because they re-breath their own air. They told us that lockdowns stop the virus. But there is no evidence that that is true. However the lockdowns drove some insane and caused many people to take their own lives. Mental health was severely impacted everywhere.

Another lie is that private property is bad as if it was gained illegally. All property should belong to the state, they say. The woke Left are pushing for confiscation of private property and they are currently using the Indigenous people to take control of as much land as they can. They blame colonisation and invoke the woke ideology of arrivalism.[1] This is right out of the Marxist playbook.

This brings me to the most Orwellian topic of all, that is, our own thoughts. All around the world in Western countries autocratic regimes have either outlawed certain thoughts or they are pushing legislation to do so. Australia has its anti-free speech Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023 hanging around parliament like a bad smell.

On this Bill law Professor Augusto Zimmermann wrote for the RT:[2]

The Australian Government has recently introduced in Parliament a new law proposal to ban officially unapproved online content. Digital companies are expected to adopt a code of conduct which will see them censor speech based on broad, vague and far-reaching directives.

If enacted that Bill would outlaw any speech the government of the day didn’t like. They say speech that causes ‘harm’ but ‘harm’ covers almost anything.  Professors Gabriël A Moens AM and Augusto Zimmermann write:[3]

… the concept of ‘harm’ is a flexible and accordion-like concept that potentially encompasses any type of speech that ACMA deems to be ‘harmful’. As such, the concept has malleable content that expands and contracts depending on ACMA’s prevailing views.

The government communications agency would decide if something is true or false and you could be charged with a crime for what you express.  Where have I heard that before?

In this case the governments can lie but the citizens cannot. Australia already has such a law. The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2021 was rushed through parliament in 24 hours.

Through this new law, police will be able to modify or delete data, take control over social media accounts, and collect network activity to the extent they feel necessary to further their inquiries.[4]

The law allows some police agencies to invade your social media, delete your speech and insert speech that is not yours. I heard recently from a guy who had this law used on him and he was charged even though the speech was not his. In court, the magistrate would not believe that he did write not the offending text.

That is not the end of it. The Australian federal government is pushing for their Digital ID Bill 2023, which will put everybody on the blockchain. No services will be accessible without that digital ID. You will become a non-person. And who says that it won’t be used for nefarious purposes? Invariably if you give the power they will use it. And eventually, move to control all your thoughts and actions.

We are experiencing now this era of lies and propaganda. Once laws prohibited the government from propagandising the public. But now all out propaganda and censorship is the norm. Of course, this is all done to save democracy. What else could it be for?

Children in schools are being inundated with woke leftist nonsense. They are pushing the lie that there is no such thing as different sexes and hence different gender roles. But hormones and genetics override any such lies.

Ultimately if they can convince those children that there are no absolutes they will have achieved total chaos, total confusion and rampant mental conditions in mass formation psychosis. They will have created the next generation that are emotionally and scientifically confused.

We need to push back against these oppressive regimes. If you question any of these lies, by telling the truth, you may be considered a subversive. And that is for only one reason, your speech goes against government diktats. From what I see now, Orwell’s 1984 has nothing on what our future may look like. Roll over Beethoven, tell Tchaikovsky the news, we’re back in the USSR!

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