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Catholic priests arrested after entering an abortion clinic to offer help to mothers seeking to abort their babies

Two Catholic priests and two other individuals were arrested inside a New Jersey abortion clinic on Saturday after the pro-life group entered the facility to offer help to women seeking an abortion.

Life News reports: “Police arrested four pro-life advocates during the Red Rose Rescue: Father Fidelis Moscinski, Father Dave Nix, William Goodman and another unnamed individual, according to the pro-life group organizing the effort. The demonstration took place Saturday morning at the Garden State Gynecology, an abortion facility in Morristown, New Jersey.”

‘Red Rose Rescue’ is a non-violent, pro-life organisation that peacefully enters abortion clinics to offer information and assistance to the women seeking to abort their babies.

According to a post on the organisation’s Facebook page, the group entered the New Jersey clinic peacefully and quietly sat down with women to offer them help and assistance.

“We did not engage in a ‘protest’,” the pro-life group said. “This was an emergency rescue operation to directly defend lives in the most immediate mortal danger and rescue according to the command of Proverbs 24:11.”

The quoted Proverb states: “Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.”

A spokesman for Planned Parenthood reportedly accused the group of “intimidation and harassment aimed at patients seeking health care.” However, the pro-life organisation said nothing could be further from the truth.

“Every Red Rose Rescuer must be committed to non-violence or they may not be part of the organization. Violence has absolutely no place in our efforts, or any efforts, to help pregnant mothers and their babies.

“This is why we peacefully enter the facilities–to prevent the horrific violence of abortion through our peaceful witness of non-violent solidarity. We confront the violence of abortion with respect, dignity, mercy and peace,” the pro-life organisation added.

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