Militant Trans Activists Force Evacuation of Texas University Guest Speaker

“They separated me from my police escort and I ended up hiding in a janitor closet.”

A ‘Criminalize Child Transitions’ event at the University of North Texas, hosted by the Young Conservatives of Texas, has been shut down by an enraged mob of black-clad LGBTQ+ activists.

Daily Wire reporter, Mary Margaret Olohan said the activists were ‘screaming and heckling at, Kelly Neidert, a college student and Jeff Younger, the father of a child at the centre of national disputes over transgenderism.’

Younger was a key-note speaker.

In 2019, the father of two lost custody of both his 9-year old sons.

Younger was ‘fighting for custody over claims his ex-wife, Anne Georgulas, a paediatrician, was “transitioning” one of their sons, James, against Jame’s will.

He is now running for the Texas House of Representatives with the hope of ‘outlawing sex-change surgeries on children.’

Younger’s noted on his campaign website:

​”I’m not accused of abuse or any misconduct. I just don’t want my son to be transitioned to a girl. Because I resisted the Court’s attempt to transition my son, the 301st District Court in Dallas County took my children from me.”

He adds:

“My ex-wife began to teach my son James that he’s a girl, at the age of two. I’ve spent over a million dollars in total economic costs trying to stop her, the courts, and the schools from transitioning my son to a girl. Now I’m going to Austin to stop them.”

The pro-transparency, not anti-transgender candidate, is looking to protect kids from excesses forced onto society by the LGBTQ+ political religion.

Video of the event posted online shows masked students slamming their fists onto desks, screaming, and militantly chanting ‘f** these fascists.’

Post-Millennial Editor-at-large, Andy Ngo outlined: “One of the far-left protesters at the University of North Texas (@UNTnews) in Denton moved to the front of the room so she could scream at the speaker…”

The pro-chemical castration of children mob turned rabid, in what Ngo described as a ‘descent into violence…, with law enforcement [then] trying desperately to evacuate the speaker and student organizer.’

Ngo also said, one ‘far-left’ activist was injured after colliding with a UNT police car.

The Daily Wire exclusive explained that the mob was allegedly aligned with the online, “anti-fascist” group “Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club.”

A now-deleted, invite posted on Twitter read: “If you were at the UNT protest, no you weren’t. Be proud of what you accomplished and wary of the media hype circulating your faces. Friends don’t film friends.”

Following Neidert’s footage, Olohan said police entered the room, ‘ordering Neidert and Younger to evacuate.’

Neidert recounted on Twitter:

“Last night I was evacuated from an event hosted by @YctUnt on my college campus. I received violent threats and constant harassment leading up to the event and was targeted by Antifa protesters. They separated me from my police escort and I ended up hiding in a janitor closet.”

Baylor Universities YCT aptly described the activists as ‘Denton Demons.’

Younger spoke for an hour, and was a lot more gracious, telling the students, “Your professors have misled you. You’ve been miseducated to think this is normal.”

In a statement posted online, UNT President, Neal Smatresk called the event a ‘conversation on criminalizing healthcare for transgender children.’

Smatresk said ‘the room was limited to 80 attendees’ for safety reasons, acknowledging that a ‘few hundred protestors gathered outside the building, holding signs and chanting.’

In an apparent contradiction to much of what is seen in the videos, the UNT President claimed,

“Police believe a small group of protestors not affiliated with the university contributed to escalating the overall protest from peaceful to an aggressive encounter.”

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