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Muslim gangs in UK prisons beat inmates until they convert to Islam, Christian chaplain kicked out by Imam who had taken over as head chaplain

Muslim gangs in UK prisons are threatening and beating fellow-prisoners who refuse to convert to Islam, a report by the Ministry of Justice has revealed.

“Other prisoners are scared of us,” a Muslim prisoner said. “They know they’re only going to three other jails and they know there will be brothers waiting there to stab them.”

“Their tactic is to befriend someone when they come in,” a non-Muslim inmate explained. “If they don’t convert, they will then start spreading rumours about them, that the person is a snitch, so that they will be ostracised. Then the beatings follow.”

According to the UK Prison Population Statistics, there are currently 12,847 Muslim inmates in UK prisons, making up about 15% of the overall jail population.

Political Commentator David Vance told RT,  “The truth in this report is that Muslim gangs are causing great trouble inside maximum security prisons. And the people at the top of the Muslim gangs are convicted terrorists.

“It’s not going to be solved by ‘diversity’. It’s not going to be solved by ‘reaching out’ to them. It’s going to be solved by making sure that the terrorist ideologues are taken right out of it, where they cannot spread their poison.”

Pastor Paul Song, a former prison chaplain, last year warned that non-Muslim prisoners are being forced to convert to Islam in exchange for protection from violent gangs.

Song, who had voluntarily served at Brixton Prison for 20 years, was kicked out by a Muslim imam who had taken over as head chaplain and disapproved of the pastor’s Christian courses, the Barnabus Fund reported.

He was later accused of calling an inmate a “terrorist” and making references to ISIS.

“I never said those things,” Song said. “I would never make those comments. I have worked in the prisons for many years with my many faiths and there were no complaints.”

Song, who even had his Bible classes hijacked by Muslims, went on to say, “They were terrible to me in prison. I was hit on the back by Muslim prisoners. But I was a police officer in Seoul, I can get over this.

“I didn’t want to report this or to argue with the inmates. When I see this injustice I have a lot of anger. I don’t want to see Christians experience discrimination over their religion.

“The Christian faith is not equal. They do not have equal rights,” he added.

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