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Hilarious: ‘Coming Out’ in 2019

‘Coming Out’ – we’re told it’s one of the bravest things a person can do. It’s personal and different for everyone, and not everyone ‘comes out’ the same way. Some people ‘come out’ to everybody in their lives, others only ‘come out’ to a few. Still, ‘coming out’ requires a great deal of bravery.

Why is that? Because ‘coming out’ has risks. When a person ‘comes out’ they could risk losing emotional or financial support from their family. ‘Coming out’ could put a person at risk of physical danger and violence.

Sometimes family won’t understand. They will try to pressure you into being someone you’re not. School friends, teachers, or university lecturers may bully you and try to make you feel a sense of guilt or shame.

Yes, facing all those risks and choosing to ‘come out’ anyways is a brave thing to do. Especially in 2019, as highlighted in the video below by comedian Neel Kolhatkar.


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