Transsexual Marxist Organising to Protest Pell’s Funeral

The protest has been named “Pell go to Hell.”

A transsexual revolutionary Marxist is organising a protest outside Cardinal George Pell’s funeral next Thursday.

“Miss” April Holcombe is an activist with Australia’s largest communist group Socialist Alternative and is the co-convenor of the Socialist Alternative front group “Community Action for Rainbow Rights” (CARR). Holcombe has named the rally “Pell go to Hell,” and has stated that “she” is expecting “hundreds of people.”

Holcombe was also instrumental in organising the protests against Liberal party candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves and the attempted storming of last year’s CPAC conference in Sydney. Holcombe was also the primary organiser of a violent protest against Mark Latham in 2020 where “she” was arrested.

Socialist Alternative has a history of violence at past events and were responsible for organising the violent protest where Tony Abbott’s sister was attacked. They have also been criticised for publishing a front page of their newspaper with a depiction of Abbott having his throat cut with the subheading “One cut we’d like to see”.

Holcombe is a regular speaker at Socialist Alternative conferences, with topics including:

  • Why western Maoism was a dead end (speech at Socialism 2021 conference).
  • Revolution betrayed: the rise of Stalinism (speech at Marxism 2021 conference)
  • The freedom to be: Marxism and trans liberation (speech at Marxism 2021 conference).
  • When Humanitarianism Becomes Imperialism: Aid in the Developing World (speech at Marxism 2018 conference).
  • Strikes, corruption and economic slowdown – China in crisis (speech at Socialism 2015 conference).

Perhaps unsurprisingly Holcombe is in training to be a teacher. NSW Police have made no comment about this protest currently being organised outside a church holding the funeral of a senior religious figure by well-known extremists with a history of violent confrontations. One only hopes the NSW constabulary doesn’t succumb to the temptation to allow their fellow travellers in the struggle for LGBTI to attack members of a religious minority trying to bury their priest.

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