WATCH: Pro-Life Speaker Exposes School Board’s Obscene “Sex-Ed” Curriculum

“This is why a common phrase among Planned Parenthood sex educators is ‘Parents are a barrier to service.'”

A popular pro-life speaker has exposed the abhorrent curriculum being pushed on young school children in California.

Seth Gruber, host of the ‘UnAborted’ podcast, slammed the Conejo Valley Unified School District’s board in Thousand Oaks, California, on June 1 for pushing the “obscene” Planned Parenthood-approved ‘Health Connected Teen Talk’ program, which “exposes minors to any and all sexual activity, even the most dangerous.”

“Planned Parenthood believes what Alfred Kinsey taught, that children are sexual from birth and have sexual rights to sexual pleasure,” Gruber said during his speech.

“They’re trying to equate sexual rights with human rights. So, if human rights are natural rights, then who’s the oppressor who’s trying to impede on the sexual rights of children? Well, Planned Parenthood believes it’s us, the parents. This is why a common phrase among Planned Parenthood sex educators is ‘Parents are a barrier to service.’ And this comes from my friend, Monica Klein, a former sex educator for Planned Parenthood.”

Gruber went on to say, “This phrase was thrown around all the time. Parents are a barrier to service. Why? Because they know each one of you parents would never show this trash to your own children in your own homes, but you’ll push it on the children in this district under the veneer of health, which makes me wonder, how many of you are in Planned Parenthood’s pocket – the greatest dehumanizer and commodifier of children.”


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