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Abortion decriminalised in Queensland: up to 22-weeks no questions asked, after 22-weeks with doctors’ approval.

Queensland’s abortion decriminalisation bill passed State Parliament Wednesday night, 50 to 41.

Abortion will now be removed from the criminal code and made a “health issue,” allowing women to abort their babies up to 22 weeks’ gestation.

Abortions after 22 weeks will be allowed with the approval of two doctors.

Safe zones will also be established around abortion clinics to prevent pro-lifers and side-walk counselors from reaching out to women seeking an abortion.

Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad celebrated the outcome saying, “What a day for women. What a day for Queensland. We finally did it.”

Lyle Shelton from the Australian Conservatives said, this bill “allows for baby girls to be aborted for being girls and for women to be coerced by men to kill their unborn babies.”

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In 2006 twins Hunter and Darcy Ridley were born at 22 weeks and survived. Two years later their parents published this video documenting the twin’s first months.


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